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Government eases sewage discharge rules amid chemical shortage

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Sewage treatment chemicals have been added to the growing list of products in short supply because of the UK’s chronic lorry driver shortage, è emerso. The government has told wastewater plants they may be able ...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Mississippi hospitals overwhelmed; New Zealand eases restrictions outside Auckland

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Mississippi is least vaccinated state in US; New Zealand reports 20 new cases for third day

Children return to school in Jakarta as Indonesia eases Covid restrictions

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After almost 18 mesi, children in Jakarta will begin to re-enter classrooms on Monday, as Indonesia, which faces on of the worst Covid outbreaks globally, eases restrictions in some areas. Indonesia began gradually ...

Rise in China’s imports and exports eases fears over global growth

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China’s exports and imports both rose strongly in June, helping ease concerns over global growth that have knocked financial markets in recent days. Exports grew by 32% year on year in June to $281bn (£203bn), accordi...

Many new dog owners in UK hope to bring pet into work as lockdown eases

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As lockdown restrictions finally began to ease last month, Kerrie Daly’s startup gained two new team members, Frankie, a lurcher, and Rufus, a Labrador puppy. “They give everyone a lot of light relief,” Daly says. “Ru...

New dog owners hope to bring their pets into offices as lockdown eases

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As lockdown restrictions finally began to ease last month, Kerrie Daly’s startup gained two new team members, Frankie, a lurcher, and Rufus, a Labrador puppy. “They give everyone a lot of light relief,” Daly says. “Ru...

UK eases Covid travel rules for tourist spots despite cabinet rift

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Ministers have sought to rescue the summer holiday season by easing travel restrictions for a number of tourist hotspots, amid a cabinet rift over plans to grant extra freedoms to people who have received both doses o...

Japan eases Tokyo’s Covid restrictions as it prepares for Olympics

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Japan is to ease coronavirus emergency measures in Tokyo from Sunday, just over a month before the Olympic Games are due to open. The capital, along with Osaka and eight other regions, is currently subject to restrict...

A million over-65s ‘still at risk of loneliness as UK lockdown eases’

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A review by 10 leading charities has found that a million people over 65 in the UK are likely to remain at risk of chronic loneliness despite the easing of coronavirus restrictions. Loneliness, social isolation and li...

Wetherspoon’s to reopen dozens more pubs as lockdown eases

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The pub group JD Wetherspoon will reopen another wave of pubs in England on 26 aprile, along with venues in Scotland and Wales, as the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions continues. Il 44 English pubs scheduled t...

‘It’s weird’: anxiety and excitement in England as lockdown eases

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Last week non-essential retail and outdoor hospitality venues reopened in England, while people were allowed to visit holiday lets with members of their household. For many, the reopening led to long-awaited reunions ...

Edinson Cavani eases Manchester United past Granada and into semis

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After a serene win in which Granada were cuffed aside 4-0 on aggregate, Manchester United will hope to end a run of four consecutive semi-final disappointments under Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Roma block their way to next m...

Bouncing back? UK businesses’ views mixed as Covid lockdown eases

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The UK economy returned to growth in February despite continued pandemic-related restrictions, as businesses and consumers adapted and prepared for the relaxation of lockdown. The Guardian spoke to three businesses ab...

‘Get the biggest cardboard box you can find …’ How to declutter your home as lockdown eases

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Now that we’ve all had more than a year of staring at nothing but the inside of our own homes, it’s becoming very apparent that we own far too much stuff. Ma, while a household clearout is a good idea in theory, it’s...

As the grip of Covid eases, the UK looks set for a classic short-lived boom

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Never have the opening lines of TS Eliot’s The Wasteland seemed more apt. Nel 2020, April really was the cruellest month, as the first wave of Covid-19 deaths peaked and businesses were shuttered. Between March and Apr...

‘You just have to be creative’: wedding couples in England tie the knot as lockdown eases

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Having trimmed their guest list from 180 people to four, Jessica and Jonny Chope were one of the first couples to get married on Monday when restrictions in England eased to allow weddings to take place again. They ti...

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