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Horizon scan: the opportunities and threats facing Earth’s biodiversity

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It is no secret that the diversity of life around us is plummeting. Scientists declared more than 100 species to be extinct in 2020 alleen. That’s bad news not only for the creatures themselves but for those of us (tha...

‘Gas station in space’: new plan to make rocket fuel from junk in Earth’s orbit

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An Australian company is part of an international effort to recycle dangerous space junk into rocket fuel – in space. The orbit our planet depends on is getting clogged with debris from old spacecraft. Dead satellites...

The earth’s secret miracle worker is not a plant or an animal. It’s fungi

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Let’s picture a dinner with family or friends that began by enjoying beer, wine, fruit juice or maybe a fizzy kombucha beverage. You’re contemplating a glorious basket of bread, wrapped in awe of its perfect crumb and...

Die aarde se eerste kontinente het 700 m jaar vroeër uit die see ontstaan ​​as wat gedink is

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Die Aarde se eerste vastelande het 700 m jaar vroeër uit die see verrys as wat voorheen gedink is, 'n nuwe ontleding van antieke gesteentes dui daarop. Navorsers wat rotsedimente in Oos-Indië bestudeer het, glo die ontdekking....

Terrawatch: Earth’s ‘boring’ plate tectonics period

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Today our planet is a lively place: the climate swings from greenhouse to icehouse and back again, while earthquakes, volcanoes, mountain ranges and ocean trenches are all signs of its restless surface. But if you go ...

Earth’s demise could rid galaxy of meaning, warns Brian Cox ahead of Cop26

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Humans might be the only intelligent beings in our galaxy, so destroying our civilisation could be a galactic disaster, Prof Brian Cox has warned leaders in the run-up to Cop26. Speaking at the launch of his new BBC T...

Nasa launches latest Landsat 9 to monitor Earth’s surface

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Nasa has launched the latest mission in a 50-year unbroken line of satellites that monitor the Earth’s surface. Landsat 9 lifted off atop a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg’s space launch complex ...

Earth’s tipping points could be closer than we think. Our current plans won’t work

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If there’s one thing we know about climate breakdown, it’s that it will not be linear, smooth or gradual. Just as one continental plate might push beneath another in sudden fits and starts, causing periodic earthquake...

One of Earth’s giant carbon sinks may have been overestimated – studeer

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The storage potential of one of the Earth’s biggest carbon sinks – soils – may have been overestimated, navorsing toon. This could mean ecosystems on land soaking up less of humanity’s emissions than expected, and mor...