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Tyson Fury pre-fight Zoom conference ducks questions over Daniel Kinahan

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Boxing’s embarrassing determination to avoid the unpalatable truth about its often tawdry business was laid bare on Thursday evening during a media conference call to publicise the world heavyweight title fight betwee...

Birdwatch: among oft-ignored ducks, pintail is the epitome of elegance

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Asleep, head tucked beneath his wing, the duck flicked one eye open from time to time, checking the skies for danger. When that came, in the shape of a low-flying peregrine, he and the rest of the flock hardly reacted...

Novak Djokovic evita las preguntas del Abierto de Australia después de la derrota en las Finales ATP ante Zverev

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Novak Djokovic se negó a decir si competirá en el Abierto de Australia después de que se confirmara que los jugadores tendrán que ser vacunados contra Covid-19 para ingresar al torneo.. El mundo no 1 se le preguntó si él ....

US could see 200,000 Covid cases a day again: ‘Unvaccinated are sitting ducks’

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The US could soon see Covid-19 cases return to 200,000 un día, a level not seen since among the pandemic’s worst days in January and February, the director of the National Institutes of Health warned on Sunday. While t...

No alimentes a los patos: Los parques reales advierten sobre el comportamiento de las aves acosadoras después del cierre

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Los parques reales de Londres instan a los visitantes a que dejen de alimentar a los patos con pan porque está provocando hacinamiento e intimidación entre las aves., el guardián puede revelar. Una campaña que se lanza hoy destaca cómo la alimentación excesiva ....

Australia noticias en vivo: doctors warn we are ‘sitting ducks’ until vaccinated; talks over vaccine passports

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Experts raise alarm about Covid vaccination rates as Coalition government exploring digital certificates that could unlock international travel. Follow the latest news live

Frankfurt freeze as ‘lame ducks’ threaten to derail top-four charge

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If there’s one thing more difficult than keeping a stiff upper lip in the case of things going wrong, it is doing so with the addition of often well-intentioned but deeply unhelpful onlookers asking you if you realise...

Changing the game: how the Mighty Ducks reboot flips the script

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In Disney+’s new take on the much-loved hockey trilogy, the Ducks are no longer the heroes, following in line with a string of rule-rewriting sports movie rebootsThe played out formula of the sports movie has seen a n...