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Londra 2012 lit my Olympic dream – now I want a boxing medal for real

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Eleven years ago, when I was just a little girl with a big dream, I had to call myself Colin and pretend to be a boy so that I could step inside a boxing ring. I was nine and girls were not allowed to box at the famou...

Winning a few rounds at Tokyo Olympics is not enough – I want to go all the way

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The moment, when it came, was really powerful. Last Thursday night, in our GB Boxing team room in the Olympic village, it finally hit me. This is real. I am about to fight in the Olympic Games and my hopes of winning ...

Caroline Dubois wins on historic stage where female athletes rarely tread

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The clay dohyo ring had made way for a sprung floor, the judges preferred T-shirts and jeans to ceremonial kimono, e, overhead, a boom camera rotated in the space usually reserved for a wooden roof resembling a Shin...

Team GB boxer Caroline Dubois out of Olympics after losing quarter-final

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As another day of boxing inside the famed Ryogoku Kokugikan began, a volunteer at the top left corner of the arena futilely held a laminated placard as he paced the landing. The rules etched upon it were clear: no cha...

Tears fell after my Olympic dream ended but the heartache will drive me on

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I have been home from the Olympics for a few days and, while the hurt is still raw, I am feeling so much better than I did last Tuesday in Tokyo. Quindi, after I lost a split-decision in my lightweight quarter-final aga...