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Dubai ruler’s divorce settlement reveals ‘truly opulent’ standard of living

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The potentially record-breaking settlement in the divorce between the ruler of Dubai and his ex-wife Princess Haya provided an insight into what the judge called the “truly opulent and unprecedented standard of living...

Caballos que hablan: Dubai Honour can upset favourites on Champions Day

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The race for the Flat jockeys’ title appeared to be over this time last week, but William Buick’s late rally to challenge the defending champion, Oisin Murphy, adds another subplot to what was already the most engross...

Pide una investigación después de que la corte determinara que el gobernante de Dubai pirateó el teléfono de su ex esposa

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Los parlamentarios y los grupos de derechos humanos han pedido a los ministros y al parlamento que investiguen cómo el gobernante de Dubai pudo implementar software espía sofisticado para piratear los teléfonos de su ex esposa y su equipo legal en Gran Bretaña el verano pasado..

El gobernante de Dubai hackeó a su ex esposa con el software espía NSO Pegasus, juez del tribunal superior encuentra

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El gobernante de Dubai pirateó el teléfono de su ex esposa, la princesa Haya, utilizando el controvertido software espía Pegasus de NSO Group en un abuso ilegal de poder y confianza., un juez superior del tribunal superior ha dictaminado. El presidente de la familia..

Dubai suspected after Princess Haya listed in leaked Pegasus project data

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As her plane touched down in April 2019, Princesa Haya bint al-Hussein, who was accompanied by her two children, might have hoped she was beyond the reach of her ex-husband, the emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rash...

Chris Eubank leads tributes after son Sebastian dies in Dubai

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Former middleweight champion Chris Eubank has led tributes to his son Sebastian Eubank, who has been found dead in Dubai days before his 30th birthday. En una oracion, Chris Eubank said the third oldest of his five ch...

Large explosion on container ship at Jebel Ali port rocks Dubai – video

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A container ship anchored at Dubai’s Jebel Ali port caught fire, causing a huge explosion that sent tremors across the United Arab Emirates’ commercial hub. The explosion was seen kilometres away and unleashed a shock...

Princess Latifa: Instagram image appears to show Dubai ruler’s daughter in Spain

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A Dubai princess who has been the subject of concern from a United Nations panel after being seized trying to flee the sheikhdom in 2018 has appeared in a social media post that described her as being in Spain on a “E...

Princess Latifa: new Instagram image appears to show Dubai ruler’s daughter

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A new image appearing to show Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a daughter of the ruler of Dubai, has appeared on Instagram, three months after the BBC aired a video message in which she said she was...