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Coronavirus regstreeks: Brazil regulator to investigate claims Covid patients unknowingly tested with unproven drugs

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Brazil hospitals accused of testing unproven drugs on elderly Covid patients; Sweden pauses Moderna vaccine over possible rare side effects

Brazil hospital chain accused of hiding Covid deaths and giving unproven drugs

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One of Brazil’s biggest healthcare providers has been accused of covering up coronavirus deaths, pressuring doctors to prescribe ineffective treatments, and testing unproven drugs on elderly patients as part of ideolo...

Michael K Williams is dood aan 'n oordosis fentaniel, heroïen en ander middels, sê die mediese ondersoeker

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Die akteur Michael K Williams is dood nadat hy 'n oordosis Fentanyl geneem het, p-fluorofentaniel, heroïen en kokaïen, het die mediese ondersoeker in New York Vrydag aan verslaggewers gesê. Williams, 54, Hy is dood gevind in sy huis in Brooklyn..

Nuwe wetgewing in Texas verbied dwelms wat aborsie veroorsaak ná sewe weke swangerskap

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Teen die einde van die jaar kan Texas nog meer beperkings op die vermoë hê om 'n aborsie te ondergaan nadat die Republikeinse goewerneur Greg Abbott stilweg nuwe beperkings by die wet aangemeld het wat die posbestelling van abo verbied..

ICC authorises full inquiry into Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘war on drugs’

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The international criminal court has authorised a full investigation into the Philippine president’s “war on drugs”, saying it resembled an illegitimate and systematic attack on civilians. Judges said there was a “rea...

Former Venezuelan spymaster arrested by Madrid police on US drugs charges

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Police in Madrid have arrested a former Venezuelan spymaster on US narcotics charges nearly two years after he defied a Spanish extradition order and disappeared. Gen Hugo Carvajal, who for over a decade was Hugo Cháv...

Drugs, divorce and incessant drum takes: Metallica on making metal’s biggest ever album

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By the end of the 80s, it seemed certain that Metallica would be the biggest metal band in the world. Their 1988 album, … And Justice for All, had been in the US chart for a year and a half. Their first music video, O...

UK wrestles with effects of Taliban rule on terror, drugs and aid

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With the Taliban now firmly in control of most of Afghanistan, British government figures have been wrestling with what that means for everything from counter-terrorism to the drugs trade and aid. How soon should Brit...

Alleged Italian drugs kingpin arrested in Dubai

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One of Italy’s most wanted men, an alleged top drug trafficker suspected of having bought two stolen Van Gogh paintings on the black market, has been arrested in Dubai. Raffaele Imperiale, an alleged kingpin in the N...

Pores for thought: how sweat reveals our every secret, from what we’ve eaten to whether we’re on drugs

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When I deposited my index fingerprint on a laboratory slide so that Simona Francese could analyse it, I felt as if I was giving her the password to my body’s secrets. Most forensic scientists examine a fingerprint’s p...

Pfizer and Flynn accused of overcharging NHS for anti-epilepsy drugs

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Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Flynn have been accused by the UK’s competition watchdog of illegally overcharging the NHS for vital anti-epilepsy drugs by abusing their dominance in the market to raise prices ove...

Drugs deaths in Scotland soar to record level

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Drugs deaths in Scotland have hit a new record after 1,339 people died last year from overdoses or the cumulative effects of years of addiction. National Records of Scotland, the statistics agency, said the figure was...

‘Pay for more murders’: AFP boss says decriminalising drugs won’t stop organised crime

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The Australian federal police commissioner, Reece Kershaw, will use a speech on Wednesday to declare decriminalising drug use “will not stop organised crime” because the revenue stream from the trade will continue to ...

How Len Bias’s death helped launch the US’s unjust war on drugs

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Sometimes solutions can have drastic unintended consequences. Mike Krzyzewski, one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all time, once told the Washington Post: “During my years as a coach, the two most domin...

If GSK thinks toothpaste and HIV drugs should be kept separate, why not just do it?

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“I am a change agent,” declared Emma Walmsley, as she unveiled the biggest overhaul of GlaxoSmithKline in the 20-odd years of the company’s life in its current form. The consumer healthcare division will depart via a ...

GSK drugs maker sets ambitious sales target before shake-up

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GSK has cut its dividend to invest in research and set ambitious sales targets as its under-pressure chief executive, Dame Emma Walmsley, pledged to lead Britain’s second biggest drugs maker through a corporate shake-...

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