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‘A brilliant guy’: tributes to holiday Briton feared drowned after rescuing his son

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Tributes have been paid to a British man who is believed to have drowned in Lake Garda in Italy after diving in to rescue his son. Aran Chada, a 51-year-old sales director from Leicestershire, is thought to have had a...

Soldier in Texas border operation missing and feared to have drowned

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A Texas national guard soldier who was part of a border security operation overseen by the state’s governor, Greg Abbott, went missing on Friday amid fears the soldier might have drowned in the Rio Grande. The Texas m...

‘Drowned out’: Tory ministers complain about conference hall

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It was meant to be their moment in the sun after the easing of pandemic restrictions, but cabinet ministers have privately complained about the main auditorium for speeches in the Conservative party conference hall, w ...

‘A question of dignity’: the pathologist identifying migrants drowned in the Med

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Op die oog af, Dr Cristina Cattaneo assessed the lifeless body on the floor of an abandoned Sicilian hospital – a thin, young Eritrean refugee about 180cm tall. While most of the corpse was intact, his face and hands we...

Meer as 50 feared drowned after migrant boat sinks off Tunisia

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Meer as 50 people are feared to have drowned after their boat heading from Libya to Europe sank, Tunisia’s defence ministry has said. Mohamed Zikri, a defence ministry spokesperson, gesê 33 survivors of the shipwrec...