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Jury watches drone footage of Kyle Rittenhouse shooting man dead

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The jury at Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial on Tuesday watched drone footage that showed Rittenhouse shooting Joseph Rosenbaum at close range during a night of protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last August. Il video, ...

Drone footage shows aftermath of fuel tanker blast in Sierra Leone – video

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Almeno 92 people were killed and dozens more injured in the capital, Freetown, when a fuel tanker exploded following a collision, according to local authorities

Drone attack on Iraqi PM’s home ‘marks escalation’ in power struggle

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Senior figures in Iraq believe a brazen drone attack on the home of Iraq’s prime minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, marks an unprecedented escalation between the country’s leaders and Iran-backed militant groups attempting...

Exploding drone assassination attempt on Iraqi PM fails

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An exploding drone aimed at the Iraqi prime minister’s house has failed to kill him, il governo ha detto. Mustafa al-Kadhimi was reported by the government to be unharmed. In a statement released early on Sunday, ...

Ethiopia-Turkey pact fuels speculation about drone use in Tigray war

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Ethiopia’s government has forged an alliance with Turkey, amid reports that it wants to deploy armed Turkish drones in its bitter war against forces from the region of Tigray. Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s prime minister, si...

La Palma: drone footage reveals massive river of lava – video

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Drone footage surveying the Cumbre Vieja volcano shows a massive river of thick lava flowing towards the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately 7,500 people have been forced to leave their homes since the Cumbre Vieja began er...

Drone search widens for dogs trapped by La Palma eruption

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Drone operators on the Canary island of La Palma have launched a high-stakes effort to search for and retrieve at least four dogs who have been stranded for weeks by the continuing volcanic eruption. The eruption – wh...

Drone rescue plan for dogs trapped by La Palma volcano

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An unprecedented drone operation is being prepared to rescue four dogs stranded for weeks between rivers of red-hot lava streaming from an erupting volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma. The emaciated dogs are str...

US offers payments, relocation to family of Afghans killed in botched drone attack

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The Pentagon has offered unspecified condolence payments to the family of 10 civilians who were killed in a botched US drone attack in Afghanistan in August during the final days before American troops withdrew from t...

RAF intelligence base linked to US drone strike on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani

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Campaigners have called on ministers to explain whether the secretive Menwith Hill intelligence base in Yorkshire is involved in recent drone strike assassinations, after the publication of a report that raises questi...

Drone footage shows path of devastation from La Palma’s Cumbre Vieja volcano – video

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Drone footage captures the devastation wrought by the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which has been ejecting ash, smoke and lava over the Canary island of La Palma for more than 10 days.Since erupting on 19 settembre, the volc...

Italian prisoner shoots at rivals with gun ‘smuggled in by drone’

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An Italian prisoner has shot at fellow inmates through the bars of their cell with a weapon believed to have been smuggled in by drone. The 28-year-old man, who has links to the Neapolitan mafia, fired three shots on ...

US drone strike mistakenly targeted Afghan aid worker, investigation finds

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The US mistakenly targeted and killed an innocent aid worker for an American company in a drone strike in Afghanistan, the New York Times suggested in an investigation into the country’s final military action of the r...

UK would be prepared to launch Afghanistan drone strikes, says Wallace

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Britain could be prepared to undertake lethal drone strikes in Afghanistan if the Taliban fail to prevent international terrorism taking hold in the country, the defence secretary said on Tuesday. Ben Wallace was spea...

Pentagon ‘not in position to disputeKabul drone strike claims – video

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The Pentagon has said it is investigating reports of civilian casualties from a drone strike on Sunday in Kabul, but is 'not in a position to dispute' accounts from the scene of nine people from one family being kille...

Afghanistan drone strike targeted Islamic State ‘planner’ in car, US says

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The US drone strike in Afghanistan targeted a mid-level “planner” from the Islamic State’s local affiliate who was travelling in a car with one other person near the eastern city of Jalalabad, US official sources said...

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