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‘I felt powerless – so I started filming’: CyclingMikey on his one-man battle with dangerous drivers

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As we chat, Mike van Erp keeps glancing at the line of vehicles queueing on the road in Hyde Park, Londen. Skielik, he spots something. “Here we go," hy sê, swinging around his sensible-looking blue touring bike, a ...

‘The threat of abuse and violence is still a daily part of the job’: the bereaved women fighting to protect gig economy drivers

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On the evening of 17 Februarie 2021, Gabriel Bringye kissed his fiancee goodbye, and assured her he wouldn’t work late. Hours later, police were at the door of their east London home. He had been killed on the job, lur...

‘They stole from us’: the New York taxi drivers mired in debt over medallions

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For more than a century, taxi drivers have transported busy New Yorkers to their jobs, to brunch, or home from a late night out. A symbol of the city made globally famous in countless Hollywood films, the drivers of t...

10 days to save Christmas: shops warn of disruption due to lack of lorry drivers

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Significant disruption to Christmas is “inevitable” unless the government fixes an acute shortage of lorry drivers in the next 10 dae, the UK retail industry body has warned, as queues formed at petrol stations and o...

14-hour days and no bathroom breaks: Amazon’s overworked delivery drivers

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James Meyers worked as a driver for several Amazon delivery service providers in Austin, Texas, for about one year until he quit in October 2020 citing the immense workloads and poor working conditions. Fourteen-hour...

Adam Driver’s 10 best film performances – ranked!

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The movie might be flawed, but Driver’s performance (playing opposite the similarly excellent Alba Rohrwacher) is outstanding, winning him the Volpi Cup at the Venice film festival. He plays Jude, a young man who meet...

Amazon apology to Democrat includes admission drivers urinate in bottles

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Amazon has apologized to the congressman Mark Pocan, admitting to scoring an “own goal” in its initial denial of his suggestion that its drivers were sometimes forced to urinate in bottles during delivery rounds. “We...

Amazon delivery drivers in UK raise alarm over real-terms pay cut

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Tom* started working for Amazon as a delivery van driver in Norfolk nearly three years ago. Sedertdien, his rates of pay have been revised numerous times, including at least four changes since September. He and his pa...

App outage locks hundreds of Tesla drivers out of cars

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Hundreds of Tesla drivers were locked out of their cars at the start of the weekend after the manufacturer’s mobile app suffered an outage – and dozens voiced their complaints on social media. Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief...

As drivers, we know Uber’s British union ‘deal’ is not all it seems

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As an Uber driver campaigning for my rights, I was disappointed to learn that the deal announced by Uber with the GMB union last week was a dud. The fact that an agreement that signs away collective bargaining on pay ...

Australië nuus regstreekse opdaterings: onderwysers, trein- en busbestuurders staak in NSW

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Onderwysers sê die regering het versuim om onvolhoubare werkladings aan te spreek, onmededingende salarisse en personeeltekorte, terwyl vervoerwerkers wegstap oor 'n dispuut oor betaling en voorwaardes. Volg al die dag se ontwikkeling...

Australië nuusopdaterings regstreeks: bus and train drivers strike in NSW, flood warnings for parts of Queensland

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Security leaders welcome Labor climate policy; industrial action over pay dispute begins as some Sydney drivers walk off the job. Follow all the developments live

Automakers could be required to install technology to detect drunk drivers

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Car manufacturers would be required to include technology to monitor whether US drivers are impaired by alcohol and to disable the vehicle from operating under a proposal contained in the infrastructure bill awaiting ...

Carlos Sainz worried over health of F1 drivers due to bouncing on track

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Carlos Sainz has warned he fears for the long-term health of Formula One drivers because of the violent bouncing they are being subjected to on track. The Spanish Ferrari driver said he will discuss the issue with oth...

Christmas bin collections in UK at risk as lorry drivers quit

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Households are being warned of a “Christmas crisis” in bin collections as drivers quit their jobs for better pay working for supermarkets and food hauliers. Bin lorry drivers are being offered pay deals worth as much ...

Couriers and delivery drivers: share your experiences of customers and businesses

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We’re looking to speak to couriers and delivery drivers about their experiences of customers and people who work at the businesses they’re delivering goods to and from. Have you had a good experience or have you had a...

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