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Two drivers arrested after man dies in motorway collision in London

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Two motorists have been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after a motorway collision in the early hours of the morning. A man in his 20s was pronounced dead at the scene on Saturday morning a...

‘I felt powerless – so I started filming’: CyclingMikey on his one-man battle with dangerous drivers

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As we chat, Mike van Erp keeps glancing at the line of vehicles queueing on the road in Hyde Park, Londen. Skielik, he spots something. “Here we go," hy sê, swinging around his sensible-looking blue touring bike, a ...

Tesla, bowing to pressure, stops allowing drivers to play video games while driving

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Under pressure from US auto safety regulators, Tesla has agreed to stop allowing video games to be played on center touch screens while its vehicles are moving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says ...

US investigates claim Tesla drivers can play video games while driving

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The US has opened a formal investigation into a report that Tesla vehicles allow people to play video games on a center touch screen while they are driving. The investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Adm...

Australië nuus regstreekse opdaterings: onderwysers, trein- en busbestuurders staak in NSW

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Onderwysers sê die regering het versuim om onvolhoubare werkladings aan te spreek, onmededingende salarisse en personeeltekorte, terwyl vervoerwerkers wegstap oor 'n dispuut oor betaling en voorwaardes. Volg al die dag se ontwikkeling...

Australië nuusopdaterings regstreeks: bus and train drivers strike in NSW, flood warnings for parts of Queensland

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Security leaders welcome Labor climate policy; industrial action over pay dispute begins as some Sydney drivers walk off the job. Follow all the developments live

UK delivery drivers: share your experiences of Black Friday 2021

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Shoppers in the UK are expected to spend almost £9.2bn on the weekend due to Black Friday deals. We would like to hear from delivery drivers who are working and fulfilling orders during this time. What has your exper...

App outage locks hundreds of Tesla drivers out of cars

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Hundreds of Tesla drivers were locked out of their cars at the start of the weekend after the manufacturer’s mobile app suffered an outage – and dozens voiced their complaints on social media. Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief...

Drivers scramble to grab cash that spilled on to California motorway – video

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Drivers in southern California have scrambled to pick up cash after bags of money fell out of an armoured vehicle on a motorway. Several bags broke open, spreading mainly $1 en $20 bills all over the lanes and bringi...

Christmas bin collections in UK at risk as lorry drivers quit

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Households are being warned of a “Christmas crisis” in bin collections as drivers quit their jobs for better pay working for supermarkets and food hauliers. Bin lorry drivers are being offered pay deals worth as much ...

London drivers ditching diesel cars six times faster than rest of UK

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Drivers in London have abandoned diesel cars six times faster than those in the rest of the UK since Sadiq Khan announced plans for a massive expansion of the London’s clean air zone. Research released days before Lon...

Buitelandse vragmotorbestuurders sal toegelaat word om meer Britse aflewerings te maak

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Buitelandse vragmotorbestuurders sal 'n onbeperkte aantal op- en aflaaie in 'n vasgestelde tydperk in die VK kan maak ingevolge veranderings aan reëls wat deur die regering voorgestel is om tekorte aan produkte in die aanloop tot ...

Net 20 Britse visums uitgereik aan buitelandse vragmotorbestuurders, die regering erken

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Net 20 Britse visums is uitgereik aan HGV-bestuurders uit die buiteland wat die noodaanbod aangeneem het om leë rakke in die aanloop tot Kersfees te vermy, het 'n senior minister erken. Oliver Dowden, die Conserva ...

Drivers threaten Insulate Britain activists in Essex protests

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Drivers dragged climate protesters out of the road and threatened to run them over on the eastern outskirts of London as Insulate Britain staged roadblock protests for the 13th time. There were tense scenes as about 4...

Drivers clash with Insulate Britain activists blocking three London roads

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Insulate Britain activists have staged three morning roadblocks in central London, leading to dozens of arrests and confrontations with drivers stuck in heavy traffic at the height of rush-hour. The climate activist g...

‘They stole from us’: the New York taxi drivers mired in debt over medallions

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For more than a century, taxi drivers have transported busy New Yorkers to their jobs, to brunch, or home from a late night out. A symbol of the city made globally famous in countless Hollywood films, the drivers of t...

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