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Hundreds of UK drink spiking reports in the past two months

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Casi 200 drink spiking incidents have been reported to police forces across the UK over the past two months, the National Police Chiefs’ Council said on Friday. The NPCC said there have been 198 confirmed reports of...

‘The plan is to drink all day’: sunny Melbourne celebrates its freedom day. First stop – brunch!

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For the first time in a long time, there are plenty of people out on Melbourne streets as the sun rises over the city. Just hours after lockdown lifted, cafe workers are out in the cool morning air, dragging chairs an...

Is a ‘negative microwave’ – a device that quickly cools food and drink – possible?

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I’ve been grappling for decades about how you’d get a “negative microwave” to work, a device that very quickly cools things such as food or drinks without having to pre-fill it with something that’s already cold. I un...

Don’t drink from tap, Canadian city says, as gasoline suspected in water supply

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Officials in Canada’s northernmost capital have declared a local state of emergency after finding possible evidence of gasoline in the city’s tap water. Residents of Iqaluit, the capital of the Arctic territory of Nun...

Afro-Colombian moonshine gets official seal of approval as heritage drink

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Lucía Solís, an Afro-Colombian artisan distiller from Buenaventura on Colombia’s Pacific coast, has spent much of her life making and selling viche, a pungent liquor believed to cure snakebites. Ahora, with a new law on...

One in three Britons drink plant-based milk as demand soars

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One in three Britons drink plant-based milk, according to a report that suggests they have become a mainstream choice for consumers. Shoppers spent £100m more in 2020 on alt-milks, made from oats, almonds or soya, tur...

UK inflation in record August jump as food and drink prices rise

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UK inflation made its biggest jump on record in August amid a rise in food and drink prices, reversing a sharp decline a year earlier during the government’s eat out to help out restaurant discount scheme. The Office ...

Cita a ciegas: ‘I was mid-prosecco swig when he told me he didn’t drink’

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Que estabas esperando?A pleasant evening and maybe the beginning of a new friendship or romance. Primeras impresiones?Pretty, intelligent, easy to be with. What did you talk about?Our times at university, living in c...

Brexi: food and drink exports to EU suffer ‘disastrous’ decline

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Exports of food and drink to the EU have suffered a “disastrous” decline in the first half of the year because of Brexit trade barriers, with sales of beef and cheese hit hardest. Food and Drink Federation producers ...

Revisión de Wolf Alice: multitud delirante bebe en una noche de caos sublime

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Desde el momento en que entras en la O2 Academy de Bournemouth, está claro que los conciertos no son como antes. Una hora antes de que Wolf Alice suba al escenario para su primera, Show en vivo sin distanciamiento social en nea ...

UK retail sales rise in July, helped by Euro 2020 food and drink spending – business live

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Retail sales rise 0.5% en junio, as markets await flash readings on key industry surveys for Europe and the US

How to turn past-their-best summer berries into a refreshing drink – recipe

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In the height of summer, strawberries ripen quickly, and often go soft and unpalatable. En este punto, before they turn mouldy, they are perfect for fermenting, not least because these are signs that the process has a...

Five emerging food and drink destinations for a short UK break

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Bruton, Frome and Castle Cary form a culinary holy trinity, but the Somerton, South Petherton and Ilminster area is also starting to shine. Known for its cider makers and destination dining pubs, it’s also home to a g...

‘I need a drink’ after Republican talks, says officer beaten in Capitol attack

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A Washington police officer who suffered a heart attack and a brain injury after being beaten by Trump supporters during the deadly Capitol attack emerged from meeting House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on Friday ...

British food and drink exports to EU fall by £2bn in first quarter of 2021

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British food and drink exports to the EU fell by £2bn in the first three months of 2021, with sales of dairy products plummeting by 90%, according to an analysis of HMRC data. Controles Brexit, stockpiling and Covid have...

Takeaway food and drink litter dominates ocean plastic, estudio muestra

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Plastic items from takeaway food and drink dominate the litter in the world’s oceans, according to the most comprehensive study to date. Single-use bags, plastic bottles, food containers and food wrappers are the four...

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