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Mic drop: Republican senator’s claim of button to silence Biden draws chuckles

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The secretary of state, Antony Blink, fought back laughter on Capitol Hill on Tuesday as the Republican senator James Risch relentlessly questioned him about a rumor that someone on the White House staff “pushes the...

Biden’s hard line on vaccine mandates draws praise and pushback

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Joe Biden’s new hard line on vaccine mandates in America has dropped in an already politically fraught environment, where some governors have banned the use of masks in schools even as many experts lament low rates of...

‘Renegade’ Burning Man festival draws thousands to Nevada desert, including Paris Hilton

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Più di 15,000 people swarmed Nevada’s Black Rock Desert over the weekend for what was dubbed a “renegade” Burning Man, drawing celebrity guests and causing a headache for local law enforcement. The famous festival...

Marble Arch Mound draws crowds keen to see how bad it is

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Considering it is known as London’s “worst attraction”, the Marble Arch Mound was strikingly busy when the Guardian paid a visit. Ma, then again, it is now free – and many people were only there to see if it was as b...

Texas draws criticism with plan to lure tourists to sites where Indigenous people were banished

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This story was published in partnership with the Texas Observer. Texas, which exterminated or displaced most of the Indigenous people in the state, now wants to cash in on them. While lawmakers support legislation th...

Pure gold: Gladys fan art draws inspiration from a premier with star power

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There are few among us who can claim to be mononymous – instantly recognisable by only one name. That honour is reserved for the likes of Beyoncé, Kylie, Prince, Oprah, Rhianna and, ovviamente, our very own Gladys. Whi...

Rare sighting of river warbler draws twitchers from far and wide

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The song, emerging from low in the dense vegetation, sounded like a cross between a bush cricket and a sewing machine. Some might find it monotonous, but for me, it was strangely compelling. Adesso, all we had to do was ...

Cashless society draws closer with only one in six payments now in cash

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The UK has moved a big step closer to becoming a cashless society after official data showed that the number of payments made using notes and coins fell by 35% nel 2020. Cash was only used for one in six payments, comp...

Fatal attraction: rare corpse flower draws hundreds of onlookers

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Più di 1,000 people have flocked to an abandoned gas station in the San Francisco Bay Area to get a whiff of a corpse flower, named for the stench it emits when it blooms, which has been compared to rotting flesh. ...

New Zealand draws back from calling Chinese abuses of Uyghurs genocide

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New Zealand’s parliament will not debate a motion that would label the abuses of the Uyghur people in Xinjiang as acts of genocide. Parliament opted instead on Tuesday to water down the language, and discuss concerns ...

Line of Duty finale draws record 12.8 million UK TV audience

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A record 12.8 million viewers tuned in for the final episode of series six of the hit BBC One drama Line of Duty when it aired on Sunday night. Commanding 56.2% of the UK’s television audience, according to overnight ...

Mask-free concert in Liverpool for Covid test event draws thousands – video

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The first ‘near-normal’ concert since Covid began took place in Liverpool on Sunday, con 5,000 giddy music lovers crowding into a festival tent with no masks and no social distancing

NHS England draws up plan to give Covid jabs to children 12 e oltre

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The NHS has drawn up contingency plans to vaccinate secondary school children against Covid later this year, in a move that could help prevent school closures if infections rise after the lifting of lockdown. The prop...

Will they, won’t they?: Line of Duty ‘Flemson’ dynamic draws in fans

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It’s broken viewing records, turned a nation into experts on police acronyms, made the letter H synonymous with evil, e, on Sunday evening, 11 million viewers are expected to watch the culmination of Line of Duty’s ...

UCL team’s claim that herd immunity set to be achieved draws criticism

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Britain will on Friday achieve herd immunity from Covid-19, according to a forecast from scientists at University College London – which was no sooner made than disputed. Scientists from other institutions argued that...

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