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Worst polluting countries must make drastic carbon cuts, says Cop26 chief

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The world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases must produce clear plans to cut their carbon output drastically, the president of vital UN climate talks has urged, after scientists warned there was only a small chanc...

Tories’ ‘toothless’ UK policies failing to halt drastic loss of wildlife

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The government’s underfunded green ambitions and “toothless” policies are failing to halt catastrophic loss of wildlife, a committee of MPs has said in a new report that finds the biodiversity crisis is still not bein...

Fewer, groter, more intensive: EU vows to stem drastic loss of small farms

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The EU is to introduce sweeping reforms of farming subsidies this week to try to halt the decline of small farms and protect them from the intensification of agriculture fostered by decades of previous policies. Janus...

Climate crisis behind drastic drop in Arctic wildlife populations – report

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A drastic drop in caribou and shorebird populations is a reflection of the dire changes unfolding on the Arctic tundra, according to a new report from the Arctic Council. The terrestrial Arctic spans approximately 2....

Germany’s third Covid wave needs drastic measures, says health chief

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The head of Germany’s disease control agency has called for drastic measures to curb the country’s third wave of coronavirus infections, with intensive care beds filled to capacity in some areas. Lothar Wieler, the di...

‘Something drastic’: Stuart Broad would back social media boycott over abuse

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Stuart Broad believes the England cricket team would be willing to “make a stand” against online abuse by joining football’s wave of social media boycotts. Scottish champions Rangers as well as Championship clubs Swan...

UK’s drastic cut to overseas aid risks future pandemics, say Sage experts

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The government’s drastic cut to overseas aid risks damaging the world’s ability to fight the next global health disaster and keep Britain safe, some of its own scientific advisers on Covid are warning. In a significan...