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‘High drama, with the lowest stakes’ – what really happened at the Wagatha Christie trial

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“This is not entertainment,” Rebekah Vardy’s barrister, Hugh Tomlinson QC, declared at the opening of the trial referred to at the Royal Courts of Justice as Vardy v Rooney, but known everywhere else as the Wagatha Ch...

Leila’s Brothers review – one woman, five misogynistic parasites in fierce Iranian drama

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Iranian film-maker Saeed Roustayi delivers a big, absorbing, character-driven family drama in the Italian-American style with fierce performances, a huge set-piece wedding scene and touches of Visconti’s Rocco and His...


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ロータスビューティーは、必死に重要な主題を扱っています. サウソールの南アジアコミュニティの真っ只中にあるビューティーサロンを舞台に, 西ロンドン, 家庭内暴力のテーマが含まれています, うつ, 死産, わたしは...

フォーエバーヤングレビュー – 自己関与のドラマ学生の際限なく退屈な話

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終わりのないドラマ, ヴァレリア・ブルーニ・テデスキ監督と脚本家のアニエス・ドゥ​​・サシーによる、非常に緊張し、慈悲深い才能のある世代についてのこの叙事詩的に退屈な映画の永続的なふくれっ面とノンストップのナルシシズム ...


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このフィルム, 脚本家のシェーン・クロウリーと共同監督のサエラ・デイビスとアンナ・ローズ・ホルマーから, 罪悪感と恥の緊張したシネバラードです. それは不安定な生活があるアイルランドの人里離れた沿岸の村に設定されています。.

When You Finish Saving the World review – Jesse Eisenberg’s sweet coming-of-age comedy drama

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Jesse Eisenberg was Oscar-nominated for his fast-talking turn as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network – a performance that persuaded the world to think of the Facebook supremo as a garrulous, injured soul. He is also...

flopsのレビュー–サッカーでの性的虐待に関するこの悲惨なドラマはそうです, とても貴重

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"ところで, ウッディ,」とバリー・ベンネルは言います, 「あなたは私の男の子の一人になるのに十分だと思いますか?」フットボールのコーチは、アンディウッドワードの実家を訪れ、クルーアレクサンドラのユースチームに息子を募集しています。, しかし...

The Quiet Girl review – exquisite debut drama set in rural Ireland

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It seems a modest little story at first, a cinematic wallflower content to cling to the corners of its tight, boxed-in aspect ratio, rather than thrust itself on to the audience. But while The Quiet Girl, Colm Bairéad...

「秘密は殺す」: サッカーにおける性的虐待についての悲惨なドラマ

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「それは難しいだろう」とバリー・ベンネルは興奮した若い弟子のアンディ・ウッドワードに言います. 「しかし、私を信じてください。そうすれば、週に20ポンドから2グランドに行くことができます。」母親がシフトをしなければならない80年代初頭のストックポートの若者のために。.

Father Stu review – Mark Wahlberg’s renegade-turned-priest blesses Catholic drama

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In this de facto, if far from de jure, latest iteration of the Ted franchise, Mark Wahlberg once again forms a strange, almost inexplicable bond with a supernatural creature who tests him in a number of painful, probl...

TV takes a dark turn as true crime is turned into primetime drama

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Solving an appalling crime is one thing, understanding why it happened quite another. This year British television drama looks set to be dominated by the desire to explain real evil. Betting on a public thirst for in-...

Love Life review – this deeply romantic drama portrays love impeccably

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The first season of Love Life (BBC One) centred on Darby Carter, played by Anna Kendrick, and the relationships that defined her life. Some were loving, some were sexual, some were friendly, some a combination of all ...

Drama should be accessible to all, not just a privileged few

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Mark Rylance’s stance on the inequalities of drama and theatre provision in UK schools needs to be aired more widely (Mark Rylance calls out Tory arts cuts in new Jerusalem programme, 29 4月). なぜ, when the nation i...

Luck Just Kissed You Hello review – scorching truth-telling in deathbed drama

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What kind of man is it possible to be? That is Amy Conroy’s probing question in her 2015 play, which places gender identity at the heart of a family drama. Returning to Ireland for the imminent death of his father, Ma...

Arse-kickings? Snap elections? Roll up for all the local results drama

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Local election results mean three flagships have now been sunk in the past month: Westminster, Wandsworth, and the Moskva. Along with Barnet, the loss of those first two councils has contributed to the Conservatives’ ...


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イランの俳優兼監督のニキ・カリミが非常に複雑な映画を作成しました, 怒りと痛みで固まった, 感情的な意味や解決に向けて緊張する, 私のため, 満足のいくように出現することはありません. 彼女はそれを共同執筆しました。.

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