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Dozens injured in Portugal wildfires as heatwave to intensify

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Wildfires in Portugal have left 29 people injured as thousands of firefighters and dozens of aircraft battle the blazes. Authorities said 12 firefighters and 17 civilians required medical treatment for minor injuries,...

‘I discovered I have dozens, probably hundreds, of siblings’: Chrysta Bilton’s extraordinary family story

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One afternoon in Los Angeles, Chrysta Bilton had a party; a family reunion, of sorts. Her mother, Debra, arriving in tears, told her the party was a terrible idea. Her sister, Kaitlyn, was worried a guest might steal ...

Dozens feared dead as ship sinks in South China Sea

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More than two dozen crew members are unaccounted for after their ship broke in two during a typhoon in the South China Sea on Saturday, with rescuers scrambling to find them, amptenare gesê het. Authorities dispatche...

Prominent lawyer among dozens jailed for treason in Cambodia

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A prominent Cambodian-American lawyer has been sentenced to six years in jail for treason in an ongoing mass trial against critics of the ruling party. Theary Seng and dozens of activists, many of whom are members of ...

Dozens tumble as Mexican footbridge collapses during opening ceremony

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The mayor of the Mexican city of Cuernavaca was proudly inaugurating a footbridge over a scenic stream on Tuesday when the bridge collapsed, sending him and about two dozen other people plunging into a gully. The hang...

Dozens killed by explosion at container terminal in Bangladesh – video

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A deadly explosion caused by a fire at a container terminal near the Bangladeshi city of Chittagong has killed at least 49 people and injured hundreds. The blaze started late on Saturday when firefighters arrived and ...

Shock and disbelief after dozens killed in church attack in Ondo state, Nigeria – video

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WARNING: this video contains graphic scenes some viewers may find distressing. Ten minste 50 people were killed and others injured after gunmen attacked a Catholic church in Nigeria's south-western state of Ondo during ...

Historic heatwave poised to hit dozens of US states this weekend

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Dozens of states across the US are bracing for historically high spring temperatures this weekend, as a scorching heatwave moves east. The early onslaught of sweltering weather, before what’s expected to be another ho...

Boris Johnson among dozens warned they face criticism in Sue Gray’s report

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Boris Johnson is among dozens of No 10 officials warned by Sue Gray they are facing criticism in her Partygate report next week, as a former civil service chief said the “real issue” was the leadership of the prime mi...

Iraq engulfed by dust storm, leaving dozens hospitalised and flights grounded

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Iraq was yet again covered in a thick sheet of orange on Sunday as it suffered the latest in a series of dust storms that have become increasingly common. Dozens were hospitalised with respiratory problems in the cent...

Dozens missing after building collapses in China in latest incident

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Ten minste 23 people were trapped under a building that collapsed in central China, amptenare gesê, as rescuers pulled apart the rubble brick by brick in an effort to reach survivors. The building, which housed a hotel,...

Dozens wounded in Israeli-Palestinian clashes at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque

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Israeli police have clashed with Palestinian protesters in the latest violence at Jerusalem’s flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, as the UN voiced deep concern at spiralling unrest. The Palestinian Red Crescent said 5...

Tropical storm Megi leaves dozens dead and thousands displaced in the Philippines – video

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Ten minste 24 people have been killed in landslides and flooding across central and southern Philippines after tropical storm Megi caused heavy rain and disrupted travel

Dozens killed in Philippines landslides and floods as tropical storm Megi hits

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Ten minste 24 people have been killed in landslides and flooding across central and southern Philippines, authorities said Monday, after tropical storm Megi dumped heavy rain and disrupted travel ahead of the Easter hol...

Dozens hospitalised as Iraq engulfed by dust storm

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A dust storm has swept through much of Iraq, leaving dozens of people in hospital with respiratory problems, a health ministry spokesperson said on Saturday. The storm formed in the north of the country on Thursday, p ...

Dozens injured in fire at market in Somaliland

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A massive fire tore through the main market in the city of Hargeisa in northern Somalia overnight, injuring about two dozen people and destroying hundreds of businesses, amptenare gesê het. Images posted on social me...

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