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Autobibliography by Rob Doyle review – charmingly provocative

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In 2019, when he was living in Berlin, the Irish author Rob Doyle wrote a short weekly column about his favourite books for the Irish Times. The series began with The Unwomanly Face of War, Svetlana Alexievich’s oral ...

Glennon Doyle: ‘So many women feel caged by gender, seksualiteit, religion’

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The marriage wasn’t unbearable, but it didn’t feel right any more. The lightbulb moment came when she realised she needed to think about what she truly wanted, rather than about what society had trained her to think s...

Life Without Children deur Roddy Doyle resensie - stories oor toesluit en verlies

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As 'n skrywer wat Ierland se finansiële en sosiale rollercoaster sedert die laat 1980's gedokumenteer het, dit is gepas dat Roddy Doyle van die eerstes moet wees wat die uitwerking van die huidige pandemie opteken, die lockdown en ...

Life Without Children by Roddy Doyle review – frustrated lives in lockdown

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Roddy Doyle is a master of capturing the gulf between what people say to one another in intimate relationships, and what they want to say. His specialism over the last decade or so has been a particular generation of ...

Hollie Doyle: ‘Finishing third in Spoty? It was a shock to the system’

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“It’s a strange old sport,” Hollie Doyle says as she heads into the final day of another Flat racing season which has seen her continue her rise as one of the most gifted and tactically astute jockeys in Britain. “You...

Leicester pluck good memories from win over Manchester City

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As a fundraiser it is a worthy event, even in a half-full stadium. But the Community Shield as a contest and spectacle is mostly worthless, especially when one of the teams – in this case Manchester City – deploys a s...

Robert Doyle: investigation finds former Melbourne lord mayor committed ‘serioussexual misconduct

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Three years after an inquiry was ordered into sexual misconduct allegations against former Melbourne lord mayor Robert Doyle when he was chairman of Melbourne Health, the QC who led the investigation has found the har...