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A great walk to a great pub: the Ram Inn, Firle, South Downs

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Start The Ram Inn, Firle, East Sussex Distance 5 milesTime 2½ hoursTotal ascent 200 metresDifficulty Moderate No artist has captured the curves and chalky pastel colours of the Sussex landscape like Eric Ravilious (1...

Amber and Me review – a moving portrait of a girl with Down’s syndrome

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Here is a humane and undeniably moving documentary about Amber Davies, a girl with Down’s syndrome, filmed over four years as she enters and moves up the school system. An hour in length, and released to coincide with...

Handsome review – meandering Down’s syndrome road trip

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On the rare occasions the cinema has engaged with Down’s syndrome – 1996’s The Eighth Day and 2019’s The Peanut Butter Falcon are the main ones to spring to mind – it’s been in the form of sweetly sentimental road tri...

New Zealand’s Covid baby boom: where familiarity didn’t breed contempt David Downs and Joe Davis

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One of the early observations made by internet wags was the prediction that nine months after lockdown there would be a baby boom. The theory goes that suddenly being forced to spend weeks at home would ignite the pas...

Pair of eager beavers released in South Downs to help boost valley wildlife

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The beaver needed no encouragement. After a 500-mile road trip from the banks of a Scottish river to a hidden valley on the edge of England’s rolling South Downs, the sights and smells of a woodland pond were all it t...

Ups and downs: Trump’s $27m-a-mile border wall being scaled with $5 ladders

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For millennia two bitter foes have been in constant conflict with one another: the imposing, stout wall and the nimble, convenient ladder. That same struggle continues to play out today in the Rio Grande Valley along ...