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The Guardian view on the cost of living: a crisis made in Downing Street

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One day this week the prime minister promises that help with food and fuel prices will be announced in “the days to come”. The very next morning, one of his most senior ministers, Michael Gove, adopts a scouse accent ...

Rishi Sunak’s family moves out of Downing Street amid tax row

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Rishi Sunak’s family has moved out of Downing Street in the wake of the controversy over the tax affairs of his wife, Akshata Murty. Removal vans visited Downing Street, where the family occupies the flat above No 10,...

First Downing Street officials receive £50 lockdown party fines

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Officials have begun to receive emails giving out £50 fines for attending Downing Street parties, according to sources. After the Metropolitan police said on Monday that they were issuing 20 penalty notices, emails ha...

Downing Street parties: Met police begin interviewing witnesses

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Boris Johnson is facing a possible police interview over lockdown breaches in Downing Street as the Metropolitan police said they intended to start questioning witnesses after sending out questionnaires to more than 1...

Downing St was repeatedly warned over Boris Johnson’s misleading jobs claims

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Government officials were warned repeatedly about making misleading claims about job figures before the official statistics watchdog reprimanded Boris Johnson over the matter. Ed Humpherson, the director general of th...

PM sent Downing Street lockdown party questionnaire by Met police

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Boris Johnson has been sent a questionnaire by Scotland Yard over alleged parties in Downing Street, in a move that could raise fresh concerns among Tory MPs about his leadership. No 10 confirmed late on Friday night ...

What a leadership crisis looks like from inside Downing Street

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Gavin Barwell was in No 10 when Tory MPs were plotting the downfall of his boss Theresa May. Adesso, as Boris Johnson’s premiership hangs in the balance, he tells Nosheen Iqbal what it’s like on the inside when things st...

Met considering whether to investigate PM over Downing Street flat refurb

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Scotland Yard is considering whether to investigate Boris Johnson over the funding of his Downing Street flat renovation after Labour’s lawyers claimed there was a “reasonable suspicion” that he had broken anti-briber...

Downing Street has betrayed its civil servants

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In all of the debate over “partygate” and Sue Gray’s investigation, very little has been said about how civil servants feel about the events that took place in No 10. Yet the consequences for the civil service, from p...

Met police investigating Downing Street parties, Cressida Dick says

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The Metropolitan police are investigating allegations surrounding parties at Downing Street and in Whitehall after receiving evidence from Sue Gray’s inquiry – a move which will delay the report’s publication. Boris J...

Downing Street parties: Boris Johnson doesn’t believe he broke the law, says No 10 – live updates

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: Minister also defending PM during urgent question in the Commons

Two Downing Street parties held evening before Prince Philip’s funeral – reports

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Staff inside Downing Street held two staff leaving events featuring alcohol, and one with loud music, on the evening before Prince Philip’s funeral in April last year, when such social contact remained banned, accordi...

Boris Johnson admits attending Downing Street party during lockdown

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Boris Johnson has admitted attending a gathering in the Downing Street garden during the first lockdown and apologised to the nation while arguing it was a work event and “technically” broke no rules. The Labour leade...

The Guardian view on Boris Johnson and the Downing Street parties: a price must be paid

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“Is this for real?” responded one Downing Street staff member to a party invitation from Boris Johnson’s private secretary at the height of the first lockdown. Ho appena strofinato la patata cruda sull'altro punto, shamefully, era. The undisputed facts bear repe...

‘Bring your own booze’: newspapers lash PM over latest Downing Street party claim

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The latest allegations about lockdown-era gatherings at Downing Street have provoked a furious backlash on the front pages of Tuesday’s papers. The normally pro-Boris Johnson Express blasts a full-throated warning in ...

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