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‘It was really sad’: inside the disastrous downfall of the Alliance of American Football

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“It was the wealthy trying to make more money off lower level people and they just used them,” 23-year-old film-maker Steven Potter says of his new documentary Alliances Broken. “Used them and abused them.” His film f...

Matt Hancock’s downfall

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Boris Johnson has a new health secretary this week after the resignation of the man tasked with leading the government’s Covid response. But there are plenty of unanswered questions, says Jonathan Freedland ...

Unai Emery the Europa League master plots Manchester United’s downfall

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This is not a redemption story. This isn’t about Unai Emery, the loser. This is about Unai Emery, the winner. On Wednesday the former Arsenal manager leads Villarreal into the Europa League final against Manchester Un...

Top-down approach has been Labour’s downfall

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John Harris is right (Labour’s crisis comes from the huge gap between politics and people, 9 Mei), but just reconnecting with “the wonders of ordinary life” won’t be enough. Labour should be asking itself some existen...

Did homophobia lead to Arlene Foster’s downfall?

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I would hardly call Arlene Foster an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. Egter, a sense among the DUP’s old guard that she softened the party’s stance on gay rights is rumoured to be a factor behind her failure to retain ...