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Colston Four acquittal raises doubts about 10-year jail term proposal

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The acquittal of the Colston Four raises questions about new laws imposing 10-year jail terms for the toppling of statues, legal experts have said. Op Woensdag, three men and a woman who helped pull down a monument t...

BoE chief economist hints at rate rise but new Covid variant fuels doubts

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The Bank of England appears to have move a step closer towards increasing the cost of borrowing next month after its new chief economist, Huw pil, said the UK’s recovery from the pandemic was strong enough for the ce...

Dean Smith in need of solution after Aston Villa defeats raise doubts

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Amid the cacophony surrounding Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s future, or apparent lack thereof, as Manchester United manager, chatter regarding his Aston Villa counterpart, Dean Smith, has barely registered on the football dec...

Drax dropped from index of green energy firms amid biomass doubts

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Drax has been booted from an investment index of clean energy companies as doubts over the sustainability of its wood-burning power plant begin to mount within the financial sector. The FTSE 100 energy giant, which ha...

‘Big questions’: New Zealand Covid minister raises doubts about elimination strategy

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The arrival of the Delta strain in New Zealand has prompted the country’s Covid-19 response minister to question the efficacy of its ambitious elimination strategy – an approach that has been the backbone of the count...

Doubts raised about who was behind the assassination of Haiti’s president

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Questions have been raised over Haiti’s official narrative for the assassination of its president Jovenel Moïse, who was gunned down at his mansion in Port-au-Prince last Wednesday. Haitian police and the politicians ...

Twyfel oor die herkoms van opgegaarde Sappho-gedigte

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Toe twee tot dusver onbekende gedigte van Sappho vroeg aan die lig gebring is 2014, dit was 'n literêre sensasie. Die sesde-eeuse vC digter is een van die mees gevierde skrywers van die Grieks-Romeinse oudheid, 'n tere kroniekskrywer ...

Charlotte Higgins oor The Archers: St Shula twyfel

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Covid is nog net 'n gerug in Ambridge, wat begin lyk soos 'n godsdienstige kultus wat so diep in die res van die land gebind is dat regeringsregulasies geen kans het om daarin te dring nie. Tracy Horr...