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Kevin De Bruyne in dubbio per infortunio per l'Euro 2020 dopo aver subito fratture facciali

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Kevin De Bruyne ha subito una frattura acuta del naso e una frattura orbitaria all'orbita dell'occhio sinistro nel Manchester City 1-0 Sabato, sconfitta in finale di Champions League contro il Chelsea. Il centrocampista belga ha lasciato l'os...

Sharp rise in UK Covid cases casts doubt on more lockdown easing before 19 luglio

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Più di 16,000 new confirmed Covid cases were reported in the UK on Wednesday, the highest daily figure since early February, official data has shown, casting even more doubt on the chances of reopening measures com...

‘Trapped in hell’: Kabul airport chaos casts doubt on US promise of safe evacuation

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In a voice quivering with fear and exhaustion, Sara pleaded down the phone: “Please, get us out of here. The situation is very bad, we are trapped in a hell.” For the past four days, Sara, who asked for her real name ...

Conte keen on Manchester United job as players doubt Solskjær’s capability

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Antonio Conte would be open to discussing taking over at Manchester United if Ole Gunnar Solskjær were sacked, while it emerged on Monday that several players are questioning whether the Norwegian can take the team an...

There is no doubt any more: the US supreme court is run by ‘partisan hacks’

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In mid-September, Clarence Thomas told a crowd of more than 800 students and faculty at Notre Dame University that the US supreme court should not be viewed in political terms, and that justices don’t base their rulin...

Jordan Henderson is an England doubt for Euro finals, says Gareth Southgate

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Gareth Southgate fears he will have to make a late decision over Jordan Henderson’s involvement at the delayed European Championship finals, with one of his key players likely to be short of high-level match sharpness...

Christian Porter defamation case: minister’s lawyers accuse ABC of omitting material that cast doubt on rape claim

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Christian Porter’s lawyers have accused the ABC of failing to disclose that the parents of the woman who accused him of rape feared “she may have confected or embellished the allegations”. In a letter to the ABC, publ...

Among the Covid sceptics: ‘We are being manipulated, without a shadow of a doubt’

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When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Anna, a young woman from Bradford, was waiting for surgery for endometriosis. The surgery was cancelled, leaving her in excruciating pain. She was forced to close her business, come...