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Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Britain’s Rape Crisis review – a harrowing look at a broken system

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In any documentary involving the British police there is always a moment where the disjunction between the form and content of what they are saying is so enormous it feels like you are suffering from a momentary disso...

Christian Porter defamation case: minister’s lawyers accuse ABC of omitting material that cast doubt on rape claim

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Christian Porter’s lawyers have accused the ABC of failing to disclose that the parents of the woman who accused him of rape feared “she may have confected or embellished the allegations”. In a letter to the ABC, publ...

Among the Covid sceptics: ‘We are being manipulated, without a shadow of a doubt’

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When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Anna, a young woman from Bradford, was waiting for surgery for endometriosis. The surgery was cancelled, leaving her in excruciating pain. She was forced to close her business, a s...

Old Trafford protests puts Manchester United v Liverpool game in doubt – live!

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La amoralidad de Boris Johnson ha sido probada más allá de toda duda

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Es difícil no estar de acuerdo con la devastadora evaluación de John Harris sobre Boris Johnson (Las crisis de Boris Johnson se reducen a una cosa: desprecio por el resto de nosotros, 12 diciembre). Excepto, quizás, cuando escribe que Johnson ....

Sharp rise in UK Covid cases casts doubt on more lockdown easing before 19 mes de julio

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Más que 16,000 new confirmed Covid cases were reported in the UK on Wednesday, the highest daily figure since early February, official data has shown, casting even more doubt on the chances of reopening measures com...

No hay duda mas: la corte suprema de EE. UU. está dirigida por "piratas partidistas"

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A mediados de septiembre, Clarence Thomas le dijo a una multitud de más de 800 estudiantes y profesores de la Universidad de Notre Dame que la corte suprema de los EE. UU. no debe ser vista en términos políticos, y que los jueces no basan su decisión ....

‘Trapped in hell’: Kabul airport chaos casts doubt on US promise of safe evacuation

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In a voice quivering with fear and exhaustion, Sara pleaded down the phone: “Please, get us out of here. The situation is very bad, we are trapped in a hell.” For the past four days, Sara, who asked for her real name ...

Hopes rise for Ukraine talks, but experts doubt Russia will pull out

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As Russia has pursued its war with Ukraine, it has held parallel negotiations with Kyiv ostensibly seeking a peace deal from its own invasion of a neighbouring country. Those talks, which appeared to be a sideshow to ...

Leave Putin in no doubt: Russia will be economically crippled – and he may be tried for war crimes

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The situation in and around Ukraine is extremely tense. We have 150,000 Russian troops scattered near our borders – from Belarus to Crimea and the Black Sea. There are tens of navy vessels and thousands of planes, tan...

Boris Johnson’s guilt is beyond doubt. There is no way back from this

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Boris Johnson is in serious trouble. He faces danger on all fronts. His capitulation to the Commons privileges committee leaves him open to the risk of being found lying to parliament. Resignation would have to follow...