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Bill for family days out at some UK attractions ‘almost doubles’

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The cost of visiting some of Britain’s best-known visitor attractions has almost doubled over the last five years, according to researchers who named English Heritage sites as the worst offenders. Overall the cost of ...

Deur griep te kry met Covid, verdubbel die risiko van dood, sê die Britse gesondheidshoof

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Mense wat hierdie winter op dieselfde tyd griep en Covid opdoen, sterf twee keer meer as diegene wat slegs koronavirus het, volgens die uitvoerende hoof van die UK Health Security Agency, Dr Jenny Harries. Die voormalige dep ...

Canary Islands lava peninsula in the Atlantic doubles in size

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Lava from the volcano in Spain’s Canary Islands that began cascading into the ocean two days ago has already covered an area bigger than 25 football pitches. By late Thursday, the newly wrought peninsula on La Palma h...

Lego verdubbel die wins namate die vraag verder styg as wat die Covid-19-toesluit styg

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Lego-winste het in die eerste ses maande van die jaar meer as verdubbel toe baksteenaanhangers tuisgebly het om Star Wars- en Harry Potter-modelle te bou, selfs nadat die Covid-19-sluiting geëindig het. Die Deense speelgoedmaker was een van die wenners..

Uefa doubles Women’s Euro 2022 prize money but still a fraction of men’s

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The prize fund for the 2022 Women’s European Championship finals in England has been doubled, Uefa said on Thursday, but the new figure is still only 4.3% of the money that is made available to teams competing in the ...

English exam board doubles choice of books by writers of colour

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Pupils taking GCSE and A-level English literature will be able to study more books by writers of colour, after one of the UK’s leading examination boards announced a raft of new texts aimed at increasing diversity in ...

England fans show love for Saka as Lingard doubles up in win over Andorra

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As a competitive spectacle, this was predictably lacking. Andorra have made steps forward over the past five years or so but mainly in terms of restricting the number of hammerings they have suffered. All they wanted ...

Dutch delight in women’s wheelchair doubles, Reid wins British bronze battle

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The Netherlands have won every women’s doubles gold medal in wheelchair tennis since it was first introduced to the Paralympics in 1992, and Britain’s Lucy Shuker and Jordanne Whiley could do nothing about that record...

Delta variant doubles risk of hospitalisation, new study finds

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The Delta variant doubles the risk of Covid hospitalisation compared with the previously dominant Alpha variant, a new study focused largely on unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people has found. The analysis – bas...

Incoming boss of Sports Direct owner to get £100m payout if he doubles share price

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The incoming 31-year-old boss of Sports Direct owner Frasers Group could be handed shares worth more than £100m if he more than doubles its share price. The company, which also owns the House of Fraser department stor...

Antonio doubles up as West Ham demolish 10-man Leicester

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West Ham are making it impossible to view last season’s exploits as a fluke. On this evidence there is no doubt that they are heading in the right direction under David Moyes, whose tough and talented team look ready ...

Uber verdubbel die inkomste meer as byna $ 4 miljard ná 'n sombere pandemiejaar

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Uber herwin baie van die momentum wat dit tydens die pandemie verloor het, kondig Woensdag aan dat sy ritte-dienste 'n 105% toeneem vanaf hierdie tyd verlede jaar. Inkomste vir die maatskappy se mees onlangse finansiële jaar ...

UK doubles number of people from minority ethnic backgrounds in prominent roles

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The number of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in prominent public positions has more than doubled in the past four years, according to analysis from an influential campaign group. There were 73 swart, Asian, a ...

Neal Skupski and Desirae Krawczyk storm to Wimbledon mixed doubles title

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With three Britons in the final of the mixed doubles, a home champion was always guaranteed to come from the last match of this year’s Wimbledon and it was Neal Skupski who tasted glory. Skupski and Desirae Krawczyk, ...

Barbora Krejcikova doubles up at French Open to make mark on history

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Not since the 2000 edition of the French Open, when Mary Pierce followed her poignant, emotional singles revival by victoriously teaming up with the great Martina Hingis in doubles, had anyone done the double, winning...

Amy Cokayne doubles up as Harlequins beat Saracens for first Premier 15s title

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Harlequins clinched their first Premier 15s title to erase memories of two defeats against a Saracens side that had beaten them in the last two finals. It was Harlequins’ first domestic title and came after they had r...

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