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Australië Covid live: NSW berig 1,262 gevalle, sewe sterftes tydens die laaste daaglikse perskonferensie; Victoria ontvang 'oplewing' van Pfizer, Moderne entstofdosisse

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Brad Hazzard ondersteun meer vryhede vir buitelugaktiwiteite en sê 'vars lug is die veiligste plek om te wees'; Australië gaan meer rekords breek oor gevalle van koronavirus

The west has more vaccine doses than it needs – and no excuse not to share them

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Soon, the ten-billionth Covid vaccine will roll off the production lines. By January, according to a recent report from the data research agency Airfinity, a tipping point will be reached when there will be enough vac...

Explainer: Is each state in Australia getting its fair share of Covid vaccine doses?

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The states have blasted the federal government for an “under the table” agreement that saw extra Pfizer doses sent to NSW, saying the imbalance needs to be urgently remedied. Data published by the ABC on Monday night ...

Opdatering van nuus oor lewendige nuus in Australië: Pfizer doses arrive in NSW as states resume battle over restrictions

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NSW relaxes one small rule in LGAs of concern, as national cabinet prepares to meet. Follow today’s updates

Coronavirus live nuus: Taiwan receives first Pfizer doses; vaccination nearly halves chance of long Covid – study

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Taiwan receives delivery organised by tech giants and a charity; likelihood of long Covid in double-jabbed adults who get coronavirus almost half

Thailand develops robotic system to up Covid vaccine doses

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Researchers in Thailand have developed a machine to draw out Covid-19 vaccine doses more efficiently and optimise lower-than-expected supplies as the country struggles with its worst coronavirus outbreak yet. Using a ...

Live Covid -opdatering in Australië: NSW launches Covid crackdown as extra Pfizer doses delivered to Sydney hotspots

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Operation Stay Home begins across NSW, with police and army enforcing restrictions; more than 1m extra Pfizer doses arrive in Australia. Follow all the day’s news

Fears for Covid vaccine drive if second doses clash with boosters

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Health experts have warned the government that it needs to increase efforts to ensure more young adults are vaccinated against Covid-19 – as a matter of urgency. They fear the current low take-up of jabs among 18- aan ...

Pfizer says no change to Australian Covid vaccine doses, contradicting reports of ‘game-changing’ deal

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The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer says there is no change in the number of doses the company has contracted to deliver to Australia over 2021 – contradicting reports asserting the Morrison government had secured a “game...

Covid-19 vaccine Australia rollout numbers: vaccination progress state-by-state, daily doses tracker and live data

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How does Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout compare with other countries, when will Australia be fully vaccinated and when will you be eligible to get your dose? We bring together the latest numbers on daily new ...

‘Forces for good will prevail’: Joy in Taiwan as US sends 2.5m Covid vaccine doses

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Taiwan has reacted with an outpouring of thanks to the United States for shipping 2.5m Covid-19 vaccine doses to the island, more than doubling its arsenal as it deals with a rise in domestic infections. Washington, c...

China set to administer 1bn Covid vaccine doses by end of this week

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China is on track to administer 1bn vaccine doses by the end of this week, after bolstering production and distribution networks in an ambitious drive to vaccinate 40% of the population by this month. Chinese authorit...

Coronavirus live nuus: Japan gives Taiwan 1.2m vaccine doses, Fauci calls for Wuhan lab worker records

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US infectious disease expert urges China to release medical records of Wuhan lab workers; Japan to donate 1.24m vaccine doses to Tawian; Australia detects highly infectious Delta variant in Melbourne

Australia’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout numbers: vaccination progress state-by-state, daily doses tracker and live data

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How does Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout compare with other countries and when will you be eligible to get vaccinated? We bring together the latest numbers on daily new Covid-19 cases, as well as stats and liv...

Brits & Irish Lions players given first Covid vaccine doses before tour

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Die Britse & Irish Lions squad heading to South Africa next month had their first coronavirus vaccine doses during a pre-tour gathering in London on Wednesday. Along with Great Britain’s Olympic team members, tho...

EU seeks court order for AstraZeneca to supply vaccine doses

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A Belgian judge has begun hearing an urgent European Commission request for a court order requiring AstraZeneca to deliver millions more vaccines to the bloc, in a case that may reflect the EU’s anger more than its ne...

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