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Fury as Nadine Dorries rejects fellow Tory’s groping claim against PM’s father

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Nadine Dorries was embroiled in a row with fellow Tory MP Caroline Nokes this weekend after the culture secretary dismissed her allegations of inappropriate touching against the prime minister’s father. Dorries said s...

See-nothing, say-nothing Nadine Dorries tests her powers of self-censorship

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It seems as if there may be two Nadine Dorries. The first is the one most people know. The MP who bunked off parliament to earn roughly £80k as a contestant on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! and who could pick ...

Dorries denies threatening to cut BBC funding because of Nick Robinson’s interview with PM – UK politics live

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Últimas actualizaciones: culture secretary says comments on confrontational interview with Boris Johnson were ‘attributed to me, but nobody can actually say I said it’

Nadine Dorries denies tweet to Laura Kuenssberg was inappropriate

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La secretaria de cultura, Nadine Dorries, has insisted she does not use her financial power over the BBC to put pressure on the broadcaster’s news coverage, after writing a tweet aimed at the corporation’s political edit...

‘She often speaks without thinking’: Nadine Dorries, our new minister for culture wars

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There have been 13 culture secretaries in the past 14 años. Most came and went without troubling the attention of even close followers of politics. Who, después de todo, remembers Matt Hancock’s brief stint three years ago...

Nadine Dorries commits to online safety reforms in memory of David Amess

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The culture secretary has condemned online hate, which she said has “poisoned public life”, as she pledged to bring in sweeping legislation in memory of the late MP David Amess. Nadine Dorries said her former Conserva...

Nadine Dorries quiere que la próxima Emma Raducanu venga de zonas más pobres

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Nadine Dorries ha instado a los deportes a hacer mucho más para aumentar las oportunidades y los niveles de actividad en las comunidades más pobres de Gran Bretaña., la nueva secretaria de cultura diciendo que quiere que la próxima Emma Raducanu sea igual de probable que venga ...

El ataque de Nadine Dorries a la BBC apesta a hipocresía, pero necesita una reforma

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Como muchos demagogos populistas, Nadine Dorries hace algunos buenos puntos pero llega a la conclusión equivocada (BBC atendida por personas "cuyos padres trabajaban allí", dice Nadine Dorries, 4 octubre). La BBC, como nuestro nacional ...

BBC atendida por personas "cuyos padres trabajaban allí", dice Nadine Dorries

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Nadine Dorries has labelled the BBC an institution riven by bias and staffed by people “whose mum and dad worked there”, despite Boris Johnson urging colleagues to dial down culture war rhetoric. In an outspoken appea...

Nadine Dorries should write what she likes. And I’ll read what I like

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In the latest tedious round of the culture war, I did not expect to be taking a position on the books of the new culture secretary, Nadine Dorries, whose defenders point to her being a prolific novelist as evidence of...

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! Why are Nadine Dorries’ novels so full of Irish cliches?

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It’s hard not to wonder, when reading Nadine Dorries’ novels, whether the newly anointed culture secretary keeps a checklist of cliches about the Irish beside her as she writes. One character even says: “No one in the...