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Is anyone excited about Avatar 2, or is James Cameron’s 3D revolution doomed?

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As far as we know, there’s no such thing as time travel in the Avatar universe, which is weird because there was a distinct whiff of 2009 coming off this week’s industry reports about a screening of the first trailer ...

Why Rwanda asylum seeker plan is doomed to fail

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All UK taxpayers will from now on be complicit in legalised human trafficking, following the unveiling of the government plan to fly asylum seekers to Rwanda (UK Rwanda plan for asylum seekers decried as inhumane, exp...

Doomed duck and arts cuts among themes of young cartoonists of year

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A duck haphazardly flying into the jaws of a sitting bear and a witty depiction of the effects of arts funding cuts are among the winning entries to this year’s young cartoonist of the year competition. The Cartoon Mu...

If it takes Will Smith’s slap to make people watch the Oscars, is it doomed?

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Without question, Sunday night’s Oscars were the ugliest in history. By physically assaulting a performer onstage, Will Smith managed to cause irreparable damage to the ceremony. And the outright failure of the show’s...

Doomed ship of gold’s ghostly picture gallery is plucked from the seabed

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It is one of the most famous treasure wrecks ever discovered, a steamer named the “ship of gold” after it sank in 1857 off the coast of South Carolina with one of the largest cargoes of gold ever lost at sea. Miners w...

Eating out is an indulgence – so is putting calorie counts on menus doomed to fail?

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Everything I am, I owe to calories, as Sophia Loren never quite said. I have built myself, one edible unit of energy at a time. In truth I have more than built myself. I am over-engineered, in the way Mussolini’s Mila...

In too deep: the epic, doomed journey of Europe’s first narco-submarine

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Twenty-eight months after it began in a clandestine shipyard deep in the Brazilian Amazon, one of the more unlikely criminal voyages of all time came to an end on Tuesday with the seven sentences handed down by a cour...

Unless Whitehall devolves its powers, ‘levelling upis doomed to fail

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For two and a half years, it was like waiting for Godot. But the levelling up white paper is finally here. So was it worth the wait? Primero, the good points: the plan’s ambitions are clear, and there are things to prai...

Senate poised to take up Democrats’ doomed voting rights bill – live

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Cop26 is doomed, and the hollow promise of ‘net zero’ is to blame

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"No cometer errores, the money is here, if the world wants to use it,” said Mark Carney, the former Bank of England governor who today serves as UN climate envoy, while also representing an alliance of financiers sitting...

Si los demócratas vuelven al centrismo, están condenados a perder contra Trump

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La aprobación por parte del Congreso el viernes del proyecto de ley de infraestructura de Joe Biden normalmente habría sido motivo de celebración.. Pero hay muchas posibilidades de que fuera el principio del fin de su presidencia.. Después de todo, la factura es f ...

Levy faces test of true Spurs ambition after doomed dance with Nuno

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Adiós entonces, Nuno. Fue, seamos sinceros, almost entirely doomed from the start, to the extent there is pretty much zero point in analysing the gains, the losses and the legacy of Nuno-era Spurs. What memories will ...

Canadá, China and US were all doomed to lose in Meng Wanzhou’s case

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The deal allowing Meng Wanzhou to return home to China nearly three years after her arrest will come as a relief to all the participants in a saga that rapidly turned from a narrow legal dispute into an escalating geo...

James Rodríguez y Everton siempre fue un hermoso matrimonio condenado

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James Rodríguez se ha ido a Qatar en busca de trabajo, aunque a diferencia de muchos otros que han hecho el viaje antes que él, al menos puede conservar su pasaporte y se le permitirá salir cuando quiera.. El hechizante Colom..

Are the USWNT stronger than they were in their doomed 2016 Olympic campaign?

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If the US are going to become the first team to win a Women’s World Cup followed by Olympic gold, we now know the squad that will do it. But how does the current squad compare to the one that crashed out at the 2016 O ...

‘Restless, doomed hero’: is Macron fated to follow in Napoleon’s footsteps?

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News of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte in exile on St Helena, 200 hace años esta semana, did not reach London until July, 1821 – but the press reacted swiftly. “Thus terminates the most extraordinary life yet known to ...

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