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Group’s 6 January donation shows Trump’s grip on attorneys general

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A key group of Republican attorneys general that donated $150,000 to co-sponsor the 6 January rally where Donald Trump pushed his false claims of election fraud before the Capitol attack could draw scrutiny from a Hou...

Openbaar gemaak: Scottish anti-independence donation may have breached rules

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A Scottish anti-independence campaign group was given £46,000 from an obscure organisation that might have breached political fundraising guidelines, the Guardian can reveal.Scotland Matters, a pro-union group registe...

‘I’ve always aimed big’: Vietnamese tycoon behind £155m Oxford donation

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Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao began her business career as a sideline importing fax machines and latex rubber into the then Soviet Union while studying economic management at D Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology in ...

Prince Harry and Meghan appeal to G20 to keep Covid vaccine donation pledges

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Prince Harry and Meghan have joined the World Health Organization (WHO) and Save the Children in appealing to G20 leaders meeting this weekend to honour promises to send Covid-19 vaccines to low-income countries where...

Blood donation rules changed to attract more donors with rare subgroups

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Ministers will remove questions on sexual activity in sub-Saharan Africa for blood donations to encourage more donors in England after a long campaign to widen the criteria. MPs and activists have said the existing gu...

Blood donation drive begins in memory of Richard Okorogheye

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A blood donation drive has begun in memory of a black teenager with sickle cell disorder who was found dead in Epping Forest. Evidence Joel, the mother of Richard Okorogheye, 19, whose body was found in Essex on 5 Apr ...

Use of 10p statins in organ donation ‘could save thousands of lives’

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Thousands of lives could be saved globally by giving patients a 10p statin before transplants, doctors have said, as the NHS launches the world’s largest clinical trial in organ donors. The medical breakthrough is pre...

Johnny Depp says ‘lieabout charity donation influenced libel ruling

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A claim by Amber Heard that she gave all of her $7m (£5m) divorce settlement with Johnny Depp to charity was a “calculated and manipulative lie” to influence a libel trial, his lawyers have told the court of appeal. A ...