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Dominic Raab and Angela Rayner clash over energy crisis and cost of living at deputy PMQs – UK politics live

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Live updates: deputy PM stands in for Boris Johnson to take questions in House of Commons

Dominic Cummings criticised for failure to seek approval over paid-for blog

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Dominic Cummings has been criticised by a watchdog for failing to seek approval before setting up his paid-for blog, which he uses to make revelations about his time as the prime minister’s chief adviser. Cummings, wh ...

Hilary Mantel contrasts Dominic Cummings with Thomas Cromwell

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Dame Hilary Mantel has said Dominic Cummings “created a picture of himself as an outsider” that was intrinsic to his rise, while Thomas Cromwell had been able to truly “conquer the hierarchy”. The novelist, 69, who ha...

Dominic Raab hits back at defence secretary’s Afghanistan remarks

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Dominic Raab has hit back at his cabinet colleague Ben Wallace’s assertion that he knew the “game was up” in Afghanistan by July, escalating the tensions over intelligence failures between the Foreign Office and the M...

Afghanistan: Dominic Raab’s answers to five questions from MPs

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During an intense and often angry two-hour session in front of MPs, the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, was peppered with questions that he either would not, could not, or did not have time to answer. Here are five –...

The Guardian view on Dominic Raab: no grip, no plan, no shame

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When judging a government’s performance in a crisis, there is a distinction to be drawn between control and responsibility. No British minister could have stopped the American withdrawal from Afghanistan. But there wa...

Dominic Raab: UK intelligence said Kabul ‘unlikely’ to fall this year

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Dominic Raab has said the central assessment of the UK government was that Kabul was “unlikely” to fall in 2021. The UK foreign secretary also disclosed he had overseen high-level talks between the UK and Pakistan to ...

Want to read Dominic Cummings’ innermost thoughts? That’s going to cost you

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Once upon a time, Dominic Cummings had a blog and a very interesting one it was too. Nou, he has a different kind of blog, which takes the form of a Substack newsletter. This comes in two flavours: one is free; the ot...

If only Dominic Raab had watched Iron Man

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Many of the excitable characters who impulsively phone talk radio stations without having thought through their contradictory positions are rightly horrified by footage of desperate people falling off planes into the ...

Dominic Raab – the foreign secretary who phones it in

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Is it possible to appear muscular while making a phone call? It is certainly the look that furiously committed political man Dominic Raab seems to have gone for, in an official picture released by his department as he...

Defending champion Dominic Thiem ruled out of US Open with wrist injury

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Defending champion Dominic Thiem has withdrawn from the US Open and will miss the rest of the season. Thiem has failed to recover from a wrist injury suffered while contesting the Mallorca Open in June. In a statement...

Dominic Raab says no one predicted Taliban takeover of Afghanistan – video

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It was impossible to predict the Taliban would retake Afghanistan so swiftly after the withdrawal of international troops, Dominic Raab has said, arguing: ‘No one saw this coming.’Speaking to the media following his r...

Vote Leave chief awarded £580k Covid deal after call from Dominic Cummings

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Dominic Cummings personally called a former colleague on the Vote Leave Brexit campaign and asked if his company would work for the government on its response to the Covid pandemic, leading to the award of a £580,000 ...

Die week in TV: Dominic Cummings: The Interview; Uprising; Reclaiming Amy; Ted Lasso

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Going by Dominic Cummings: The Interview, conducted by BBC News political editor Laura Kuenssberg, it would appear that the erstwhile government adviser learned no useful showbiz lessons (charm, humility, not smirking...

Dominic Cummings pulls back the curtain and declares his genius

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Dominic Cummings had clearly given his interview with Laura Kuenssberg some careful consideration, because he was dressed in recognisable clothes rather than his normal sartorial enquiry, “what would happen if Anya Hi...

Dominic Cummings tells BBC Johnson denied Covid would overwhelm NHS

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Boris Johnson denied the NHS would be overwhelmed and said he was not prepared to lock down the country to save people in their 80s, texting his adviser “get Covid and live longer,” according to new WhatsApp messages ...

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