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Women dominate Berlin film festival as Alcarràs wins Golden Bear

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Catalan-language drama Alcarràs won the Golden Bear at the Berlin film festival as the headline awards were dominated by women. Two of the three best film prizes went to films from female directors, while both acting ...

Bengals’ Burrow and Chase dominate Ravens as Chiefs slump to another defeat

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Joe Burrow threw for a career-high 416 yards and three touchdowns, including a pivotal 82-yarder to rookie Ja’Marr Chase in the third quarter, and the Cincinnati Bengals won their AFC North showdown against the Baltim...

Back to the Future and Frozen dominate WhatsOnStage awards

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The West End musical Frozen, the story of an ice queen and her fearless sister that captivated a generation, has dominated the only major theatre awards decided by public vote. But the lavish production lost out in th...