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Mexican press freedom dispute builds as Amlo attacks US and domestic critics

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A growing row over press freedom has engulfed Mexico after the country’s nationalist president maligned a routine US human rights report which highlighted his government’s failure to protect journalists – and the beha...

Democratic leaders want House votes on Biden domestic agenda by Tuesday

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Democratic leaders are hoping for House votes as soon as Tuesday on the two pillars of Joe Biden’s domestic spending agenda, two Democrats said Saturday, as the party mounted its latest push to get the long-delayed le...

FBI chief calls Capitol attack domestic terrorism and rejects Trump’s fraud claims

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The FBI director, Christopher Wray, has said that the bureau considers the 6 January Capitol attack an act of “domestic terrorism” and suggested that “serious charges” were still to come in its continuing criminal inv...

NYPD-beampte dood en nog een beseer tydens binnelandse onrus

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'n Polisiebeampte van New York is Vrydagaand dood en nog een ernstig beseer nadat hy gereageer het op 'n huishoudelike steurnisoproep, volgens 'n wetstoepasser. 'n Verdagte is ook in die sh...

FBI chief calls Capitol attack ‘domestic terrorismand defends US intelligence

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The FBI director, Chris Wray, has condemned the 6 January riot at the US Capitol as an instance of “domestic terrorism”, while defending the bureau’s handling of intelligence indicating that violence was likely. “Tha...

Indian domestic workers lose their jobs to Covid fears

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The job paid a pittance, with two days off a month, and sometimes the mistress of the house would call out as part-time cleaner Noor Jahan was almost out of the door “just massage my feet before you leave” – an extra ...

Queensland domestic violence offences increased 17% during pandemic, data shows

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Queensland has experienced a 17% increase in domestic violence offences and soaring rates of other violent crime during the Covid-19 pandemic. While there was some correlation between Covid restrictions and a fall in ...

Mexican press freedom dispute erupts as Amlo attacks US and domestic critics

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A growing row over press freedom has engulfed Mexico after the country’s nationalist president maligned a routine US human rights report which highlighted his government’s failure to protect journalists – and the beha...

Joe Biden dismisses bad polling and says domestic agenda set to pass

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Joe Biden sought to brush off concerns about bad polling on Sunday, telling reporters he expected Democrats to overcome internal differences and pass both his domestic spending plan and a bipartisan infrastructure dea...

White House unveils first national strategy to fight domestic terrorism

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The White House has published its first ever national strategy for countering domestic terrorism five months after a violent mob stormed the US Capitol in Washington. The framework released on Tuesday by the national ...

Nanny review – promising domestic worker thriller gets jumbled

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It’s remarkable how infrequently modern-day domestic workers are portrayed as fully formed characters in TV and film, given their ubiquity and necessity in the lives of so many. Perhaps part of that is because “the he...

Domestic abusers to get GPS tags on release from jail in London

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Pilot scheme announced by mayor’s office targets up to 200 perpetrators of abuse-related offencesDomestic abuse offenders who have served a prison sentence will be tagged with a GPS tracking device in London under new...

Dizzee Rascal charged with assault after domestic argument

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Dizzee Rascal, the award-winning rapper and producer whose real name is Dylan Mills, has been charged with assaulting a woman following a domestic argument. In 'n verklaring, het die Metropolitaanse polisie gesê: “Dylan Mills, ...

Why the Ukrainian war is also a domestic political issue for Biden

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The visit of the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to Kyiv at the head of a congressional delegation this week was a reminder that in Washington the Ukraine war is not just an issue of national security but is an increasin...

Poland accused of abandoning domestic violence victims

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Government criticised over bill that will in effect withdraw country from key international conventionWomen’s rights activists and opposition MPs have accused the Polish government of abandoning victims of domestic vi...

Tiener gered nadat hy gesinsgeweld-handsein aan verbygaande motoris gewys het, sê die polisie

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'n Vermiste tienermeisie is in die VSA gered nadat sy 'n handgebaar gebruik het wat nood of gesinsgeweld aandui om die aandag van 'n verbygaande bestuurder te trek. Die 16-jarige is opgemerk terwyl hy in 'n silwer T..

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