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Mine-hunting dolphins filmed hunting and eating venomous sea snakes

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Video cameras attached to mine-hunting US Navy dolphins have filmed them hunting and eating fish and, to the scientists’ surprise, swallowing venomous yellow-bellied sea snakes. It is the first time video and sound ha...

Bottlenose dolphins being caught and killed in WA trawl nets at ‘unsustainable’ levels

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Bottlenose dolphins are being caught and killed in trawl nets in Western Australia’s north at unsustainable levels, a study warns. The finding is based on analysis of the Pilbara trawl which supplies fish to the Perth...

Dolphin’s stabbing death investigated by Florida wildlife officials

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Wildlife officials in Florida are investigating the mysterious death of a bottlenose dolphin that was recovered on a beach with an apparent stab wound to the head. The mammal, which was found on Fort Myers beach in th...

Dolphins hit by Deepwater Horizon spill at risk from new drilling and river plan

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Por poco 80% of dolphins exposed to oil in the Deepwater Horizon disaster remain badly affected nearly 12 años después, según una nueva investigación, even as the Biden administration continues to approve leases for oil and ...