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Si tan solo el Reino Unido pudiera comprar en pánico a los primeros ministros que saben lo que están haciendo

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¿Es la legendaria Unidad Nudge del gobierno en una tabla de remo en algún lugar de Creta?? Tienes que preguntar, después de que Downing Street instó a la gente a no entrar en pánico: comprar gasolina, una pieza de ciencia del comportamiento que casi garantiza que las personas pasen..

Pasaportes Covid: what are European countries doing?

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While the government has shelved plans for Covid passports in nightclubs and other crowded places in England, at least a dozen EU countries now operate similar schemes for access to a wide range of venues and activiti...

Hilary Mantel on staging The Mirror and the Light: ‘I should have been doing this all my life’

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As the author of 12 globally successful novels, of which Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies both won the Booker prize, Hilary Mantel seems an unlikely person to conclude that she picked the wrong business. But in a the...

La ayuda mutua pandémica nos ha mostrado una forma completamente diferente de hacer política

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Cuando el teatro Slung Low en Leeds cerró durante el primer cierre en marzo del año pasado, sus cinco empleados principales decidieron quedarse. El teatro financiado con fondos públicos tenía efectivo y una camioneta., por lo que el personal distribuyó folletos sobre el vecino del teatro..

UK workers on returning to the office: ‘No point if I end up doing video calls’

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Workers in the UK have gradually been returning to offices in recent weeks, following the lifting of coronavirus restrictions. While many firms have adopted a flexible arrangement combining remote and office work each...

Once you understand the terrible cost of doing nothing, climate action is a bargain

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Ruinous, eye-watering, crippling, stratospheric, massive. That’s the cost to the UK of beating the climate crisis, according to those who portray getting to net zero emissions as economic suicide that is being thrust ...

UK not doing enough to support those fleeing Hong Kong, advocacy group says

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The UK risks providing Hongkongers fleeing persecution in their homeland with safety and security in name only, a community leader has warned, as thousands try to flee the crackdown on civil liberties by Chinese autho...

Los expertos británicos en Covid, Neil Ferguson Sage, están bajo ataque, pero solo están haciendo su trabajo

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Se siente como temporada abierta en el profesor Neil Ferguson en este momento. Secciones de los medios de comunicación y varios columnistas se deleitan en castigar al epidemiólogo, o "Profesor encierro", por ser "maldito en jefe", constantl...

It’s a glorious feeling when you and your singles bubble buddy just hang doing nothing

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When the singles bubble was announced, I found myself awash with what people much cooler than me call “the feels”. Relief. Excitement. Terror. I’ll be able to have a hug! I’ll be able to sit on a couch with someone an...

Why isn’t Joe Biden doing all he can to protect American democracy?

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You’d think Biden and the Democratic party leadership would do everything in their power to stop Republicans from undermining democracy. So far this year, the Republican party has passed roughly 30 laws in states acr...

Comfort food and cleaning products: no wonder Unilever’s doing so well

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A vast portfolio of food and household brands has allowed the consumer goods giant Unilever to navigate its way through the pandemic. The maker of Domestos bleach, Dove soap and Cif cleaner benefited from a surge in d...

Gina Yashere on riches, racism and US success: ‘I don’t like to boast, but I’m doing very well!"

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Es 14 years since Gina Yashere walked out on Britain. The standup comic was sick of accepting second best. It’s not that she wasn’t successful – she was. She had a recurring slot on the BBC’s Lenny Henry Show betwe...

‘Now I can look busy while doing nothing’: what Guardian readers learned from their summer jobs

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Rhianna Lindsay-Nieto, product manager, London My first summer job was to scrub dishes for a large restaurant chain in the late 1990s. It was filthy work and the smell of leftover food lingered long after my shift ha...

Covid vaccine map: how are countries around the world doing?

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Since the first Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 was injected into the arm of a British woman in December 2020, hundreds of millions of vaccine doses have been administered worldwide. Dozens of countries now have advan...

Congo’s latest killer is the climate crisis. Doing nothing is unthinkable

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For thousands of years, Lake Tanganyika was an exquisite sight that soothed and supported generations of Congolese people. Those living by its shores in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (República Democrática del Congo) have snoozed in hammo...

Kim Leadbeater on running for her sister Jo Cox’s seat: ‘I know this is what she would want me to be doing’

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It was the most shocking day in British politics this century. En 16 junio 2016, a week before the Brexit vote, brooding tensions came to a climax with one horrific act of violence: the murder of Jo Cox. It was only 13...

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