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Busy doing nothing: Mastering the art of masterly inactivity

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“Doing nothing with a deal of skill,” that is how the 18th-century poet, William Cowper, expressed the concept of masterly inactivity. It is an idea commonplace in healthcare and parenting, where outcomes can be negat...

Om my kinders uit die skool te haal, het my die vreugde geleer om in te bly en niks te doen nie

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Vanaf Woensdag hierdie week, 'n kwart van alle kinders by die staatskool in New York was afwesig, vir virus of ander redes. In die UK, 'n week voor Kersfees, hulle sou in die eerste plek nie op skool gewees het nie, maar acros...

UK not doing enough to support those fleeing Hong Kong, advocacy group says

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The UK risks providing Hongkongers fleeing persecution in their homeland with safety and security in name only, a community leader has warned, as thousands try to flee the crackdown on civil liberties by Chinese autho...

Jeremy Clarkson on his farming show: ‘It’s like Attenborough doing jetskiing’

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Over early morning coffee at his Oxfordshire farmhouse, Jeremy Clarkson is talking about his new nemesis, badgers, and the fact that they constantly urinate, usually on his grass. “If they’ve got TB and a cow eats tha...

News needs to shout about people doing good, as well as people doing bad

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One of the things the Upside has always celebrated is people making a difference. In a world beset by things going wrong and dominated by news about rogues and villains, it’s easy to forget the unsung heroes in our mi...

20 Mei 2020: what was UK doing while No 10 aide organised a party?

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To many, Mei 2020 may feel like a lifetime ago, so much has happened in the last 20 months of the Covid-19 pandemic. Aan 20 Mei 2020, when the prime minister’s private secretary was inviting colleagues to bring their o...

As u eers die verskriklike koste verstaan ​​om niks te doen nie, klimaataksie is 'n winskopie

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Verwoestend, ooglopend, verlammend, stratosferies, massief. Dit is die koste vir die Verenigde Koninkryk om die klimaatskrisis te klop, volgens diegene wat die uitstoot van nul -emissies uitbeeld as 'n ekonomiese selfmoord ...

Tim Dowling: we’ve been doing pilates together for a year – and it’s got competitive

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It is 8.44am, and my wife and I are arguing on the way to pilates. We’ve been exercising together for about a year – with assorted Covid-induced breaks – and over time it has got competitive. The first competition is ...

Kim Leadbeater on running for her sister Jo Cox’s seat: ‘I know this is what she would want me to be doing’

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It was the most shocking day in British politics this century. Aan 16 Junie 2016, a week before the Brexit vote, brooding tensions came to a climax with one horrific act of violence: the murder of Jo Cox. It was only 13...

What were you doing while No 10 held parties? – cartoon

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Under Boris Johnson, it’s one rule for them and another rule for us

UK workers on returning to the office: ‘No point if I end up doing video calls’

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Workers in the UK have gradually been returning to offices in recent weeks, following the lifting of coronavirus restrictions. While many firms have adopted a flexible arrangement combining remote and office work each...

A trip to Switzerland in search of a good death: ‘All this instead of just doing it in Brighton’

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Ann is sitting in a windowless and sparsely furnished white room with high ceilings and a red concrete floor. There is a bed in the corner, next to shelves full of medical equipment. She seems small against the large...

Congo’s latest killer is the climate crisis. Doing nothing is unthinkable

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For thousands of years, Lake Tanganyika was an exquisite sight that soothed and supported generations of Congolese people. Those living by its shores in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRK) have snoozed in hammo...

Pandemic mutual aid has shown us an altogether different way of doing politics

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When Slung Low theatre in Leeds closed during the first lockdown in March last year, its five core staff decided to stay put. The publicly funded theatre had cash and a van, so the staff leafleted the theatre’s neighb...

Lin-Manuel Miranda: ‘Doing Hamilton every night saved me. It kept my head from getting off the swivel’

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About halfway through Tick, Tick ... Boom!, the new movie directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the patrons of a diner in 90s New York all turn to the camera and sing. The movie, Miranda’s directorial debut, is based on the...

Covid vaccine map: how are countries around the world doing?

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Since the first Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 was injected into the arm of a British woman in December 2020, hundreds of millions of vaccine doses have been administered worldwide. Dozens of countries now have advan...

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