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China requested heavily armed security team be sent to Solomon Islands, leaked documents reveal

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China requested that a plainclothes 10-person security detail armed with pistols, rifles, two machine guns and a sniper rifle be dispatched to Solomon Islands late last year, leaked documents reveal. The Guardian has ...

UK public do not believe government will tackle crime, documents show

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The public do not believe ministers’ promises to tackle crime, official documents seen by the Guardian show. The Home Office documents reveals polling carried out for the government found a high fear of crime, and low...

Australia fast-tracked visas for Afghan army officers after warning of negative publicity, documents show

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The Morrison government fast-tracked visas for 11 Afghan army officers who studied at Australian defence colleges after officials warned Peter Dutton a failure to help them would generate negative news stories, docume...

Zachary Rolfe investigated for alleged perjury but police found insufficient evidence, court documents show

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Northern Territory police constable Zachary Rolfe was investigated for perjury after a judge said he had lied about his actions during the violent arrest of an Aboriginal man in Alice Springs, newly released court doc...

Kim Kardashian details distress caused by Kanye West in new court documents

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Kim Kardashian says that social media posts made by her husband, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, have caused emotional distress, according to new court documents. In the documents filed on Wednesday and obtained by ...

Declassified documents reveal CIA has been sweeping up information on Americans

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been secretly collecting Americans’ private information in bulk, according to newly declassified documents that prompted condemnation from civil liberties watchdogs. The surve...

Carillion tribunal: KPMG ex-partner denies forging documents

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An ex-partner of KPMG sought to portray himself as negligent because it was the “lesser of two evils”, a tribunal heard today, as former employees of the big four accounting firm gave evidence about its audit of colla...

Novak Djokovic relied on December Covid infection for Australian vaccine exemption, court documents reveal

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Novak Djokovic relied on a weeks-old Covid infection to justify his vaccine-free travel to Australia and was given a green light by the federal government just days before arriving in the country, court documents reve...

US releases 1,500 documents about JFK assassination inquiry

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The National Archives on Wednesday made public nearly 1,500 documents related to the US government’s investigation into the 1963 assassination of John F Kennedy. The disclosure of secret cables, internal memos and oth...

Conservation documents for half of all critically endangered species don’t mention climate change

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Conservation documents for more than half of Australia’s critically endangered species and habitats fail to mention climate change according to new analysis that argues there is a significant “climate gap” in the mana...

Travis Scott denies responsibility for Astroworld deaths, documents show

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Rapper Travis Scott has denied responsibility for deaths at the Astroworld festival in Houston, waar 10 people died last month when the crowd surged toward the stage. The Astroworld concert is among the deadliest liv...

Scott Morrison attacked over ‘secrecy’ after documents reveal cyclones and floods set to pummel Australia

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Tropical cyclones and flooding are set to pummel Australia over summer, national cabinet documents reveal. The Bureau of Meteorology briefed the meeting of premiers, chief ministers and the prime minister on 5 Novembe...

‘Tragic’ delays: documents reveal Australia knew time was running out to extract Afghan staff

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The Australian government was warned in mid-July that the worsening security situation in Afghanistan and Covid restrictions were making it “extremely difficult” to help former Afghan employees escape the country, pre...

Jeffrey Epstein documents reveal master manipulator who claimed he couldn’t kill himself

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The financier and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein told a psychologist he was too much of “a coward” to ever kill himself, two weeks before he was found dead in his jail cell in a death that was ruled a suicide. The cla...

Facebook missed weeks of warning signs over Capitol attack, dokumente dui daarop

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As extremist supporters of Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on 6 Januarie, battling police and forcing lawmakers into hiding, an insurrection of a different kind was taking place inside the world’s largest social me...

The Guardian se siening oor klimaatgeheime: uitgelekte dokumente toon stygende belange

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Daar behoort geen verrassing te wees oor uitgelekte dokumente wat wys dat regerings hard optree teen klousules in 'n komende verslag van die Interregeringspaneel oor Klimaatsverandering wat hulle as nadelig vir hul instandhouding beskou nie..

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