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Struck dumb: why ‘the voice of God’ got booted out of documentaries

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En el 1990 Academy Awards, the nominations for documentary featured a surprising number of actors. Dustin Hoffman lent his voice to a film about the Aids memorial quilt, Joe Mantegna told the tale of one US county’s ...

Pure and simple: how nature documentaries became cinema’s answer to ASMR

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The Truffle Hunters is a documentary, but it’s one of the most escapist movies of the year. There is a lot to savour: the rolling Piedmontese countryside; the almost mystical expertise of these sprightly, old Italian ...

Real-life dramas: 10 great documentaries about theatre

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Phyllida Lloyd’s 2012 Donmar production showed what Julius Caesar gains from a prison setting. This documentary from the same year, directed by the brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, goes a step further. It follows ...