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Novak Djokovic lost his bid for history but may have finally won the hearts of fans

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Something was wrong. The machine was malfunctioning. The power was blinking on and off. Routine backhands were dropping into the net. Forehands were flying long. On Amazon, which was hosting UK television coverage of ...

Novak Djokovic shows a rare glimpse of vulnerability in US Open final defeat

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It was perhaps inevitable that Novak Djokovic’s frosty relations with the US Open crowd would at some point thaw. That he would one day receive the appreciation he has so often been denied in New York. That resolution...

Novak Djokovic closes in on grand slam but doesn’t want to talk about it

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After a deeply satisfied Novak Djokovic had put his racket away following another job well done on Friday night, in the post-match interview of his five-set win over Alexander Zverev the interviewer started a question...

Novak Djokovic outlasts Alexander Zverev in titanic US Open semi-final

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The imperious Novak Djokovic is one win away from a record-setting 21st major singles championship and the first calendar-year grand slam in men’s tennis in more than a half-century after rallying from behind for the ...

Novak Djokovic weathers early storm against Jenson Brooksby at US Open

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For half an hour on Monday night, Novak Djokovic’s opponent in the US Open’s fourth round, Jenson Brooksby, gave him an almighty scare and created a raucous atmosphere under the lights at Arthur Ashe Stadium. That let...

US Open 2021: Novak Djokovic v Kei Nishikori – live!

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Novak Djokovic silences Griekspoor and heckler to reach US Open third round

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On an evening when it seemed nothing could derail Novak Djokovic’s charge towards a record-setting 21st major singles title and the first calendar-year grand slam in men’s tennis in 52 jare, it was a mouthy spectator...

Novak Djokovic tunes out crowd to move past Holger Rune and US Open first round

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Novak Djokovic’s bid for a record-setting 21st major singles title and the first calendar-year grand slam in men’s tennis in more than a half-century got off to a winning but strangely muted start on Tuesday night, wi...

Pablo Carreño Busta sends Novak Djokovic home from Tokyo without a medal

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Novak Djokovic will leave the Tokyo Olympics without a medal after falling in the men’s bronze medal match 6-4, 6-7(6), 6-3 to Pablo Carreño Busta of Spain, capping a painful 24 hours during which he lost three matche...

First among equals, Novak Djokovic basks in his everlasting summer

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Moments after Novak Djokovic captured his sixth Wimbledon title, with an enthralling and high-class victory over the Italian gunslinger Matteo Berrettini, he patted the grass like an old friend before chewing on a sin...

Novak Djokovic relentless in straight-sets win over Denis Shapovalov

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As Novak Djokovic finished his final stretches in the hallway before entering Centre Court on Friday, he took a lengthy glance to his left at the names of each former Wimbledon champion listed on the wall by the court...

Novak Djokovic staan ​​alleen en bo ander Wimbledon-semi-finaliste

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Drie van die semi-finaliste vir mans het Vrydag een hoofprobleem. Die vierde man. Novak Djokovic. In die verlede 10 jare op Wimbledon, drie mans het hom in voltooide wedstryde geklop: Roger Federer in die halfeinde in 2012,...

Wimbledon 2021: Murray, Djokovic, Evans en Muguruza in aksie - regstreeks!

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‘Flawless’ champion Novak Djokovic stays on course for 20th grand slam title

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If Novak Djokovic’s rivals for the Wimbledon title thought the world No 1 might have taken his eye off the ball after winning the French Open for the second time this month, then they would appear to be mistaken. Die ...

Jack Draper gives Novak Djokovic brief Wimbledon scare before pressure tells

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Jack Draper was milling around Wimbledon’s practice courts at Aorangi Park on Friday morning, unaware that the draw was taking place, when the 19-year-old caught a glimpse of his name in the top section and realised h...

Wimbledon 2021: Djokovic, Murray and Kenin in action on day one – live!

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