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Tom Daley takes bronze in platform diving final at Tokyo Olympics

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Tom Daley missed out on the Olympic gold he has long coveted in the men’s 10 metres platform event as he won bronze despite a near-faultless display in the final. Daley topped the podium alongside Matty Lee in the syn...

Jack Laugher wins 3m diving bronze for Team GB as China rule springboard

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Jack Laugher has won bronze for Team GB in the individual 3m springboard at the Aquatics Centre in Tokyo, in a final that delivered a Chinese diving masterclass of execution and daring. After taking silver five years ...

Tom Daley and Matty Lee pip China and ROC to win Olympic diving gold at last

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On a day of vertiginous pressure at the Tokyo Aquatic Centre Tom Daley and Matty Lee took the gold medal in the men’s synchronised 10m platform by one point from Chinese world champions Yuan Cao and Aisen Chen. The Br...

Blue sky, green sea and red tape: diving in the Algarve after lockdown

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Part One. The End. I’m standing at the head of the check-in queue for my easyJet flight back to the UK from Portugal. I’ve just been told that I have not got the correct documents. The receptionist does not know, maar ...

Luka Doncic’s diving, buzzer-beating ‘miracle’ three lifts Mavericks to win

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Luka Doncic hit a leaning, lunging three-pointer as time expired to give the Dallas Mavericks a 114-113 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Wednesday night. Doncic ended the night with 29 punte, while Kristaps Porz...