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Easter promise: the patisserie built on a friendship that bridges Istanbul’s divides

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Fehmi Yıldıran remembers how, growing up in the Anatolian town of Bolu, every spring he and the other children used to boil eggs and dye them red using onion skins. He didn’t find out what the tradition was about unti...

Hermitage Museum proposal divides Barcelona authorities

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Barcelona’s frequently agonised debates over how to market itself to tourists have taken another twist, after the city council rejected a scheme to open a branch of St Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum in its port area. T ...

Battle to be Merkel’s successor divides Germany’s CDU and CSU

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A heated struggle is under way between two leading German politicians over who should stand as Angela Merkel’s successor as chancellor candidate in the next election, with the conservative alliance under pressure to c...

‘Contraception divides opinion’: tackling taboos in Zimbabwe as teen pregnancies soar

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Malet*, 14, stands in the long queue at the maternity clinic in Harare. She is here for her routine checkup. Most of the people in the queue are teenage girls. Malet fell pregnant the first time she had sex. Her baby ...

Coronavirus live nuus: WHO monitoring new Mu variant; stark Covid divides could shape Europe for generations – study

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Mu has been designated a ‘variant of interest’ and has mutations suggesting it could be more resistant to vaccines; New Zealand records 75 cases after two days of falls

‘Poverty divides us’: gap between rich and poor poses threat to China

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When Wang Zhenyu moved out of his small village in central Henan province to the coastal city of Dalian at 18, he was astonished. “It was like a culture shock for me, even though it was just a big city in my country, ...

Battle for the Soul review: how Biden beat Trump – and exposed Democratic divides

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Op Saterdag 7 November, the networks finally called the election for Joe Biden. Barack Obama’s vice-president prevailed by more than 7m votes but his margin in the electoral college was too close for comfort. The Demo...

Covid’s toxic divides could shape Europe for years, study says

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Radically different experiences of the Covid-19 pandemic have created toxic geographical, generational and societal divides across Europe that could shape the continent’s politics for years to come, according to a stu...