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The great global vaccine divide – podcast

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The speed at which the world’s scientists have managed to create several effective Covid vaccines has been close to miraculous. But as Michael Safi says, the richest countries have taken the lion’s share How to list...

‘A growing divide’: Leicester East faces potential loss of second Labour MP

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The constituents of Leicester East have become accustomed to seeing their local MP in the news. Often for all the wrong reasons. The former Labour MP Keith Vaz, who held the seat for 32 years, stepped down after he wa...

Britain’s generational divide is ever starker, which is a headache for the left

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Profound fractures and divides in society can remain deliberately hidden only for so long: sudden dramatic events act like flares, making them impossible to ignore. The Meghan and Prince Harry revelations are just the...

Easter promise: the patisserie built on a friendship that bridges Istanbul’s divide

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Fehmi Yıldıran remembers how, growing up in the Anatolian town of Bolu, every spring he and the other children used to boil eggs and dye them red using onion skins. He didn’t find out what the tradition was about unti...

The Guardian view on working from home: a new social divide

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As Britain warily exits lockdown, the post-pandemic challenges that the country faces are looming large. On Tuesday, a study by the Resolution Foundation thinktank outlined some of them, including reaching net zero ca...

Why are people being called ‘geriatric millennials’? Classic divide and rule

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North-south divide on air pollution ‘a threat to economies and health’

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The delayed introduction of measures to tackle the UK’s air pollution crisis will exacerbate the glaring health inequalities and entrench the north-south divide, according to a report. Several local authorities in th...

Coronavirus live news: ‘Great vaccination divide’ hinders global recovery, IMF warns

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The world economy will not make a full recovery until the vaccine gap between rich and poor nations is reduced, IMF says; a senior scientist calls for more Covid booster shots in a bid to prevent a virus surge over wi...

US divide over gun control thrown into sharp relief in Congress – US politics live

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Senators clash over appeals to take action in wake of mass shootings in Boulder and Atlanta

New Zealand urged ‘don’t let virus divide you’ as Covid frustration builds

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Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s director general of health, has called on the nation to “not let the virus divide you” amidst frustration with rule-breakers linked to recent coronavirus cases, as well as with the gov...

The Guardian view on Britain’s wealth divide: a gap becomes a chasm

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As much of the nation focused with growing trepidation on “freedom day” last week, an eye-opening report on the unequal economics of Covid went slightly under the radar. Looking at a range of indicators, researchers f...

Delta variant gains ground in US as outbreaks highlight vaccine divide

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A cluster of midwestern and southern states have emerged as a new center of Covid-19 outbreaks, as the highly transmissible Delta variant sweeps across poorly vaccinated populations in the US. The news marks a potenti...

Inflamed by Rupa Marya and Raj Patel review – modern medicine’s racial divide

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It was May 2020, just months after Sars-CoV-2 began ripping through the world, when it emerged that 97% of the British medical staff who had died of the disease were from communities categorised as black, Asian and mi...

Electric vehicles divide opinion as car-loving Germany goes to polls

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The second Steve Dumke spots a gap in the traffic on the road from Eggersdorf to Strausberg, his white Hyundai Ioniq lurches forward and nestles between two fast-moving Volkswagens in the right-hand lane. “A tap on th...

Stark divide: disadvantaged areas of Victoria have worst Covid vaccination rates

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Some of Victoria’s lowest socio-economic areas are still lagging behind on Covid-19 vaccination rates as the wealthiest local government areas surge ahead, creating a stark divide across the state. The disparity has c...