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‘Diversity is a strength’: Sadiq Khan responds to Buffalo shooter’s threats

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El alcalde de Londres, Sadiq Khan, vowed he would not allow threats from “terrorists” such as the alleged Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron to change the way he leads his life after reportedly being named on a list of enemies...

Disillusionment grows within Labor about the party’s commitment to cultural diversity

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New South Wales Labor committed to increasing diversity within the party just months before bypassing a local rank-and-file vote to install a white candidate in the federal seat of Parramatta, at the expense of three ...

Survey suggests four in five Australian parents support gender and sexuality diversity education

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Parents Chris and Barbara say the vast majority of other parents they meet are supportive of their transgender child and keen to include them in different activities. “There’s a tremendous body of people out there who...

‘Equality is not negotiable’: the schools embracing gender diversity

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Quinn Clements, 16, is gender fluid. The pronouns they use can change but they prefer they/them. In year 10 they came out at their all-girls religious school in Melbourne. “Obviously that was quite nerve-racking. It’...

Yotam Ottolenghi on the most important ingredient in any kitchen: diversity

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It has always been a great strength that there are so many international influences in the hospitality sector in this country: they enrich it, they make it interesting, they make it fun. Pero ahora, the perfect storm of ...

As a black literary agent, I despair at UK publishing’s lack of diversity

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I’m a literary agent and at the height of last year’s Black Lives Matter protests I was sent a list, with accompanying photographs, of the top editors working across the major publishing houses in the UK. When I read ...

Hooray for Selling Tampa! Why British reality TV urgently needs diversity lessons from the US

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Netflix’s Selling Sunset is clearly doing well, given that it’s expanding its universe with a series of spin-offs. And the follow-up that has piqued my interest in particular? Selling Tampa, which follows the lives of...

Sexo, race and the city: how has And Just Like That handled diversity?

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Alegrarse! The new Sex and the City (SATC) reboot is not quite the depressing slog it appeared to be. Following two lackluster debut episodes, the third installment of And Just Like That finds our girls regaining their ...

‘Dangerous monopoly’: Labor and Greens support judicial inquiry into media diversity and News Corp

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Labor and the Greens have recommended a judicial inquiry with the powers of a royal commission into media diversity, ownership and regulation. The majority report from the long-running Senate inquiry into media divers...

El ejército británico debe abrazar la diversidad después de los escándalos, dice el nuevo jefe

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El ejército de Gran Bretaña debe abrazar la política racial del país., diversidad religiosa y de género tras una serie de controversias y escándalos, dijo el nuevo jefe de las fuerzas armadas mientras rechazaba la idea de que esto equivaliera a "wokefu ....

Fresh delay to ECB diversity plan as Mehmooda Duke leaves Leicestershire

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As the England and Wales Cricket Board once again postponed publication of their plan to improve diversity in the sport the game took a backward step when Mehmooda Duke stood down from her role as chair of Leicestersh...

AstraZeneca to run more clinical trials in people’s homes to improve diversity

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AstraZeneca is to let more people take part in clinical trials from the comfort of their own homes in an attempt to increase the diversity of participants. Recruiting volunteers to clinical trials can be difficult, Esta...

BBC abandona el esquema de diversidad de Stonewall por preocupaciones de imparcialidad

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La BBC ha abandonado un programa de diversidad dirigido por la organización benéfica LGBTQ + Stonewall, diciendo que cree que la cobertura de temas transgénero debe considerarse un tema de imparcialidad que requiere la inclusión de voces críticas. ...

FA amplía el código de diversidad y revela los éxitos y fracasos del primer año

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Una versión especialmente adaptada del código de diversidad de liderazgo de la Asociación de Fútbol (LDCF) se está introduciendo en toda la pirámide de mujeres, la Liga Nacional y el juego de base. Lanzado a través de los hombres y ....

Barbican introducirá objetivos de diversidad después de reclamos de racismo

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El centro de artes Barbican en Londres se ha comprometido a introducir objetivos de diversidad para su fuerza laboral como parte de un compromiso para convertirse en un “inclusivo, diverso, y centro de artes equitativo ". La dirección del centro se disculpa..

Cardiff street art celebrating diversity washed away by mistake

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A series of commissioned murals in Cardiff city centre was mistakenly washed away by cleaning staff after a “devastating” miscommunication. The artworks – which covered 11 concrete pillars in the city centre – had bee...

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