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Disturbing review of California sheriff’s department finds serious abuses

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Over the past year, as employees of the scandal-plagued Orange county sheriff’s department received their official use-of-force training, independent investigators from the county were sitting in. Their goal was to id...

‘The most disturbing liturgy ever’: Irish burglar gets highly charged send-off

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Father Donal Roche called it the most disturbing funeral he has ever attended, a homage to a life of crime played like a scene from The Sopranos. Dean Maguire, 29, an Irish burglar with more than 25 convictions, had d...

Nitram review – deeply disturbing drama about mass killer Martin Bryant

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Australian director Justin Kurzel has made his most purely disturbing film since his debut Snowtown in 2011. Like that film, Nitram is based on a real-life case of murder and family dysfunction (which incidentally als...

Minister condemns ‘deeply disturbing’ rise in antisemitism in UK

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Robert Jenrick has condemned a “deeply disturbing upsurge in antisemitism” in recent years and said the government will name and shame local authorities that have failed to adopt the International Holocaust Remembranc...

Is Uni Racist? review – disturbing accounts of discrimination on campus

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How big, do you think, does an entity have to become before it lays aside all the rules of common sense, practicality and decency by which the individuals of which it is composed might live and starts behaving like an...

Vaccine hoarding is all the more disturbing as a Covid disaster unfolds in India

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The idea that nobody is protected until everyone’s protected has become something of a pandemic cliche lately. Yet that doesn’t make it any less true, clinically or morally. As long as the virus is rife in any country...

Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren and Stimpy Story review – disturbing scenes

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Here is a documentary whose title contains radioactive levels of irony: happiness and joy are very far from what is to be found within. It is a behind-the-scenes profile of the pioneering TV animation Ren and Stimpy, ...

Nike suspends Deshaun Watson deal over ‘disturbing’ sexual assault allegations

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Nike has suspended its partnership with Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson after more than 20 women came forward to accuse him of sexual assault or inappropriate behaviour. “We are deeply concerned by the dist...

US supreme court notes ‘disturbingtrends in collegestreatment of athletes

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The US supreme court on Wednesday seemed ready to give college athletes a win in a dispute with their governing body, the NCAA. With the March Madness basketball tournament in its final stages, the court heard argumen...