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US school staff shortages disproportionately hitting high-poverty districts – study

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Tukwila, Washington, is a working-class suburb just south of Seattle where three-quarters of young people in the city’s schools are low-income and about two-thirds are people of color. Most families rent apartments ra...

Texas attorney general says school district’s Pride week ‘breaks state law’

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The attorney general of Texas has declared a school district’s celebration of LGBTQ+ students “sex education” and in violation of Texas law. For the past eight years, students in the Austin Independent school district...

‘I was constantly bullied’: being a Black student in one of Indiana’s whitest districts

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I don’t remember the first time I realized that I was different from my white classmates. I don’t even remember the first time I understood what race was. But I remember the first time I was made to hate myself for be...

‘Unparalleled in intensity’ – 1,500 book bans in US school districts.

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Más que 1,500 book bans have been instituted in US school districts in the last nine months, un estudio ha encontrado, part of a rightwing censorship effort described as “unparalleled in its intensity”. PEN America, a non-...

The Republican judge blocking her party from rigging electoral districts

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In one of the final acts in a 24-year political career, the Republican chief justice of the Ohio supreme court is defying her party and refusing to let them distort electoral districts to their advantage, a move that ...