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Amnesty regrets ‘distress’ caused by claims in Ukraine report

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Amnesty International has said it “deeply regrets the distress and anger” caused after it alleged that Ukrainian forces were flouting international law by exposing civilians to Russian fire. “We fully stand by our fin...

Half of UK MPs’ staff have clinical levels of psychological distress, lo studio trova

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Half of all MPs’ staff are suffering from clinical levels of psychological distress, according to a groundbreaking study that will hasten calls for culture change in Westminster. Parliamentary aides said they were at ...

Thousands of girls as young as 11 in England hiding signs of ‘deep distress’

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Thousands of girls as young as 11 are hiding signs of “deep distress” from their parents and teachers, according to an “alarming” report that reveals a “growing gulf” between the mental health of girls and boys. Recor...

Vulcano Tonga: segnale di soccorso rilevato nelle isole basse dopo l'eruzione, come riportato il primo decesso

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Un segnale di soccorso è stato rilevato in un isolato, gruppo basso di isole tongane dopo l'enorme eruzione vulcanica di sabato, anche se la maggior parte delle comunicazioni esterne rimane inattiva, e le famiglie della diaspora attendono con ansia ne...

Love Island and the concerns about psychological distress that won’t go away

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It has been a series full of drama, dumpings and more than a few heads turning at Casa Amor. Ma, after eight weeks, Love Island draws to a close on Monday. The seventh season of ITV2’s reality TV staple has not appea...