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The big picture: the geometry of social distancing

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Jason Au took this picture in a shopping mall atrium one Sunday afternoon in Hong Kong in December 2020. At the beginning of that month, with Covid cases rising again, restrictions had been reintroduced that encourage...

Sajid Javid: we’re nowhere near imposing social distancing Covid rules

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The government is “nowhere near” having to reimpose mandatory social distancing and home working to mitigate the threat from the Omicron Covid variant, Sajid Javid has said, adding that he hoped other new measures cou...

The neuroscience behind why your brain may need time to adjust to ‘un-social distancing’

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With Covid vaccines working and restrictions lifting across the country, it’s finally time for those now vaccinated who have been hunkered down at home to ditch the sweatpants and re-emerge from their Netflix caves. B...

Covid distancing may have weakened children’s immune system, experts say

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Scientists are concerned that measures to combat Covid-19 have weakened the immune systems of young children who have not been able to build up resistance to common bugs, leaving them vulnerable when mask-wearing and ...

Use ‘garlic-breath distancing’ to stay Covid-safe, says expert

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People should use the “garlic-breath distance” to decipher whether they are close enough to another person for coronavirus transmission to occur, an expert has said. Dr Julian Tang, a consultant virologist at the Leic...

Ganges crowds highlight distancing challenges as Covid cases soar in India

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Hundreds of thousands of devotees bathed in the River Ganges on Monday despite soaring rates of new Covid-19 cases across India, a second wave that has struck down Bollywood stars, sent migrant workers fleeing from ci...

Is sex the best way to sell suits when we’re still social distancing?

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An advert for the men’s fashion brand Suitsupply, featuring models in an orgy setting, kissing open-mouthed with tongues, has created anger online. The tagline of the advert – “The new normal is coming” – nods to the ...