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Bodies credited in UK race review distance themselves from findings

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At least 20 organisations and individuals who were listed as stakeholders in the government’s race disparity commission have distanced themselves from the report and its findings. The report by the Commission on Race...

Green issues expose Tory division and loner Boris Johnson’s distance from his party

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Boris Johnson is a bit of a loner, socially and politically. He doesn’t have a clear group of friends. Neither does he hail from a particular political faction. The latter probably contributes in no small part to his ...

Inter fail to knock Juventus out as top-four fight goes the distance

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The weekend began with a boxing match. “Let’s get ready to rumble!” roared Romelu Lukaku as he introduced Antonio Conte and Lautaro Martínez to a makeshift ring at Inter’s training ground. The manager and his striker ...

Distance Remaining review – pandemic drama takes an uplifting turn

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Like the virus itself, online theatre has come in waves. For much of its 75-minute duration, Stewart Melton’s play seems to belong to the first – that time last spring when writers were preoccupied with disconnection ...

I am living with my ex. Should we have some physical distance between us?

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I’m living with my ex-partner after mutually deciding to break up a few weeks ago. We rent a two-bed house and have a cat. The issue is my ex wants to stay in this living situation for the next few months and has no ...

Australia news live update: Sydney party boat Covid cases likely to be Omicron; Nationals distance themselves from Christensen

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Five people on board a Sydney Harbour cruise on Friday night have tested positive to Covid, with two likely the new variant. Follow all the day’s news

US distance coach Alberto Salazar loses appeal against doping violations

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Alberto Salazar, the US distance coach who guided Mo Farah to four Olympic gold medals and six world titles, is understood to have lost his appeal against a series of doping violations. Salazar had vowed to clear his ...

Sport is torn over Russia –should athletes have to distance themselves from Putin?

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When the horrors inflicted on Bucha’s residents emerged last week, the Russian grandmaster – and serial Vladimir Putin apologist – Sergey Karjakin was asked for his response. “Have you seen the pictures, Sergey?” the ...

‘I daren’t go any distance’: how are people coping with UK fuel shortages?

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High fuel prices and shortages at the pumps continue to affect motorists, with those in rural areas with poor transport links hit particularly hard. They come amid a wave of protests by environmental activists blockad...

Election leaflets distance ‘Local Conservatives’ from Boris Johnson

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Hundreds of Tories are distancing themselves from Boris Johnson by standing as “Local Conservatives” in Thursday’s council elections, with rebel MPs saying they will gauge support over the weekend for a move against t...