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Shoppers fill freezers with Christmas food over disruption fears

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It may not be a white Christmas but it is already on ice as more shoppers fill their freezers with party food, turkey and other festive specialities amid fears of another disrupted end to the year. Sales of frozen tur...

Covid disruption could cost pupils in England up to £46,000, finds report

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Pupils in England whose learning has been severely disrupted by the pandemic could lose up to £46,000 in lifetime earnings, costing the economy hundreds of billions of pounds, without additional government investment,...

10 days to save Christmas: shops warn of disruption due to lack of lorry drivers

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Significant disruption to Christmas is “inevitable” unless the government fixes an acute shortage of lorry drivers in the next 10 dae, the UK retail industry body has warned, as queues formed at petrol stations and o...

Boris Johnson weier om die ontwrigting van Kersfees -Covid uit te sluit

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Boris Johnson het geweier om te waarborg dat hy vir 'n tweede jaar agtereenvolgens nie Kersbyeenkomste hoef te ontwrig deur Covid -beperkings op te lê nie, alhoewel hy volgehou het dat dit "baie nie die plan was nie". Verlede jaar het die ...

Retail sales in Great Britain fall amid supply chain disruption

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Retail sales in Great Britain fell unexpectedly in August amid severe supply chain disruption and as consumers switched more of their spending from supermarkets to pubs and restaurants after the easing of pandemic res...

Halfords bike business suffers supply chain disruption; Delta variant fears hit markets – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

China’s exports accelerates despite Delta variant disruption; world markets at record – business live

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Lopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuus

US school students return amid threat of Delta disruption – live

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UK toy chain warns of reduced choice at Christmas because of supply disruption

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There will be a reduced choice of toys in stores this Christmas, and prices are expected to rise by 10% verby 18 months because of supply chain disruption, labour shortages and higher transport costs, the chairman of t...

School results in Scotland dip slightly after year of disruption

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Scottish pupils have achieved record A grades alongside a slight fall in the overall pass rate, but the attainment gap has widened despite a new grading process this year intended to address inequalities. Soos 137,000 S ...

Torrential rain brings flooding and travel disruption to UK

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Torrential rain and thunderstorms have brought flooding and travel disruption to parts of the UK amid the wet start to August. Rail operators warned of blocked lines and cancellations on Monday, while motorists in som...

Ministers to update NHS Covid app to ‘reduce disruption’

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Ministers are to radically alter the NHS Covid-19 app to slash the number of people instructed to isolate after they have been in contact with someone who tests positive, in the latest move to try to combat the number...

New Zealand hospital faces second week of disruption after major cyber attack

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A major New Zealand hospital faces a second week of disruption as it struggles to fix its computer system following a massive cyber attack. The attack on Waikato district health board (DHB), which began on Tuesday, hy het...

‘Morale is very low’: NHS staff fear ongoing Covid disruption

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With a new variant of coronavirus first detected in India expected to become the dominant strain in the UK within days, there are concerns that Covid’s disruption of normal healthcare may continue. Six healthcare work...

UK rail passengers facing disruption after cracks found on high-speed trains

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Rail passengers are facing significant disruption after cracks were found on high-speed trains, with services on Great Western Railway and London North Eastern Railway services suspended. People who wrote to the Guard...

John W Henry apologises to Liverpool fans for Super League ‘disruption’

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Liverpool’s principal owner, John W Henry, has finally broken his silence over the Super League fiasco to apologise to fans, Jürgen Klopp and the players for “the disruption I caused” by signing up to the proposed bre...

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