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Minister disputes claims No 10 pushed Sue Gray to dilute Partygate report

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A senior minister has disputed claims Sue Gray was pressured to water down her report into law-breaking parties across Westminster, saying he is “absolutely confident” the investigation had been entirely independent. ...

Production company disputes Nadine Dorries’ claim Channel 4 faked reality show

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Nadine Dorries’ claim that a Channel 4 reality show she appeared on used paid actors is “unfounded”, according to the production company that made the show. The culture secretary told parliament on Thursday that she b...

‘A great big lie’: researcher disputes government claim that 90% of GP visits are bulk-billed

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The Australian government says almost nine out of 10 visits to GP clinics are bulk-billed, but a health insurance researcher says gap fees often aren’t recorded, meaning the official data is “a great big lie”. Andrew ...

Liz Cheney disputes report January 6 panel split over Trump criminal referral

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A key Republican on the House January 6 committee disputed a report which said the panel was split over whether to refer Donald Trump to the Department of Justice for criminal charges regarding his attempt to overturn...

Afghan guards’ boss at UK embassy disputes evacuation claim

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Più di 100 guards at the British embassy in Kabul who had been told they were not eligible for UK government protection are to be evacuated from Afghanistan after all, a minister has said. A source at their employe...