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Gender disparity in UK radio report shows minor improvements on 2020

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The latest edition of the Gender Disparity Data report into UK radio airplay of British artists has revealed slight improvements on last year’s findings. Entre 1 January and 1 agosto 2021, 44% of the top 50 británico ...

‘It’s just frustrating’: the UK couples hit by vaccine disparity

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The vaccine rollout in the UK may be regarded by many as a huge success, but for some couples it has become a minefield. From deciding whether or not to eat inside, to one partner gritting their teeth while the other ...

Share your experiences of vaccine disparity

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Half of Britain’s population (34 millón) have received two doses of the vaccine and are fully protected against Covid. But what about the other half? We would like to find out more about vaccine disparity and would l...

US needs 30m new trees to combat shade disparity, hallazgos del estudio

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With vast swathes of the American west baking under a record-setting heatwave, a new study has revealed how unevenly trees are spread throughout cities a in the United States and how much it disadvantages communities ...

The Sewell report on racial disparity is an attempt to erase progress and sow division

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From the moment Boris Johnson appointed Tony Sewell - who once said the evidence for institutional racism was “flimsy” - to chair the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities I sensed they might not be serious about ...

The verdict on the Sewell report into racial disparity

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For Tony Sewell to argue that there is no evidence of institutional racism in the UK is delusional. It is deeply disturbing to see this government-commissioned report riddled with so many distortions. Neither the exi...