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Disney’s 2021 films to debut exclusively in cinemas

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The remainder of Disney’s 2021 film releases will debut exclusively in cinemas, the entertainment giant has said. Movies including Marvel’s Eternals, Sir Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel and Steven Spielberg’s West Side S...

Disney’s Turner & Hooch reboot: shouldn’t we let sleeping dogs lie?

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I’m convinced, adesso, Quello 60% of shows are being commissioned not by a human, a skeleton wrapped in flesh and blood, but by an algorithm, a pulsing blue computer in a bunker server room beneath the depths of Disney. Ex...

Disney’s Cruella stitches punk’s overlooked women designers into the fabric

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There was a time the very thought of Cruella would have been met with outrage. I know this because I would have been outraged. Of all subcultures to be hijacked by Disney, 70s London wasteland punk is surely the most ...