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Luck review – disgraced former Pixar’s chief’s enjoyable if clunky comeback

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The story of orphaned Sam (Eva Noblezada), the unluckiest person in the world, Luck is the first release from Skydance Animation, the new home of disgraced former Pixar and Disney executive John Lasseter, who clearly ...

‘He needs to resign’: Chris Pincher’s constituents on their disgraced MP

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It has been nearly four weeks since claims first emerged that Christopher Pincher had drunkenly groped two men at a private members’ club in London’s Piccadilly. The revelation, and the suggestion that the prime minis...

Disgraced Hey Dad! actor and convicted child sex offender Robert Hughes granted parole

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Disgraced Hey Dad! actor and convicted child sex offender Robert Hughes has been granted parole and will be deported to the United Kingdom after his release from jail this month. Hughes, who starred as Martin Kelly in...

Just how many lives does this disgraced prime minister have?

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No, people are not bored of Partygate and not moving on – because no one will ever forgot those lockdown times. A very real fear of death for themselves and others kept almost everyone obedient to the letter of the la...

They broke the law and are disgraced. Whatever they do now, shame will cling to Johnson and Sunak

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They broke the rules they set for everyone else. Then the prime minister lied and lied again to parliament. “Never before in history has a prime minister broken the law,” Chris Bryant, chair of both the standards and ...

Elizabeth Holmes: from Silicon Valley’s female icon to disgraced CEO on trial

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The rise and fall of the blood testing startup Theranos turned the tech world upside down and captured the attention of millions beyond Silicon Valley, inspiring multiple books, documentaries and a television series. ...

Disgraced Theranos founder will blame ‘abusive’ ex-boyfriend in fraud trial

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The disgraced founder of the blood-testing startup Theranos plans to blame emotional and sexual abuse by her former boyfriend, also a senior executive at the company, at her federal fraud trial beginning next week, ac...

Disgraced Samsung boss released early from South Korean prison

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The billionaire boss of South Korea’s Samsung empire hs been released from prison after serving 18 months of a 30-month sentence for bribing the former president of South Korea Park Geun-hye. Lee Jae-yong, Samsung’s v...

Ex-St Louis officer’s conviction points up revolving door for disgraced police

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A former St Louis police officer with a track record of violence, including the killing of a mentally disturbed Black man that was condemned as amounting to an execution, has been convicted of beating a suspect as he ...